Coastal Scents

Gel Liner


Lorraine R.
NOt up to PAR!

Hmm, not sure if it's just me from the reviews I have read but I didn't like this liner. I bought the one in black and well, it just was not up to par. Mine dried out really quick, and I rarely had the cap off and then it would crack on my lids. I might give it another go but so far not good on these, other then that I LOVE COASTAL SCENTS!

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Donna P.
For the price Wonderful

These gel eyeliners are really great if you're on a budget. I own a MAC fluid line and these are just as good. I've worn them on my waterline and have never had a problem with them - and I have very sensitive eyes.

The colour 'truffle' is my favourite, it is a brown which can be worn thin for a natural look, or a bit thicker with lots of mascara for a dramatic look.

Andrea Marisa S.

These are better as bases than as eyeliners. The metallic or glittery ones tend to have the most consistency issues. I have a video review on these so you can see exactly what I mean... Go take a look on my page... Toodles...

Eryn G.
So, So..

I currently own; beach glass, stellar, grape vine and platinum. I love these gel liners because they come in such cute packaging with a lot of product in them. I find that I use stellar and platinum more because they glide on very easily and are extremely pigmented while grape vine is very oily.. and beach glass is very dry.

Andrea F.

I have three colors: Indigo Blue, Black, and the violet plum one. At first they are super pigmented, smooth, and last a good amount of time in the waterline. However, they dry out in the container SOOO quickly! They're great liners if you don't have a whole lot to spend, but beware of them drying out. Keep the cover on tight!

Victoria T.
Good, but not the best

Coastal scents gel liner in black was the first gel liner I tried. I had nothing to compare and I loved it for a while. The downfall is that it dried out pretty quickly. I learned you can't leave a container with gel liner open while you are applying it. Get some product on your brush and close it tight. Now I am using Bobby Brown gel liner. If you don't want to spend over 20$, this is a good product for around 8$

Lissette B.
Good for those on a budget.

I purchased Black, Truffle, and Silk White. Personally, I think these are great for people that are on a budget and can't (or don't want to) spend $$ on other brands. I have only used Black and Truffle so far.

The pigmentation is great. There is no need to build-up the color. My main complaint is that they are a little drier than what I would picture a gel liner to be. Black is definitely drier than Truffle. Because its dry, Black sometimes comes up clumpy on the brush. I feel like I need a lot of product on the brush in order to be able to apply it smoothly. On the plus side, it doesn't feel dry on the lid and lasts ALL day! The product also doesn't run or fade.

Lauren M.

I have this gel liner in black and I am not happy with it. It dried out too quick for my liking and also found it smudged and came off very easily. I would not purchase it again.