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Great for emergencies!

I am a dancer and the morning of my dance company's performance of the Nutcracker, I realized I had just ran out of my favorite show lipstick and my backup was lost. In panic, I stopped really quickly at CVS to grab any red lipstick I could find on the way to the show. It turned out to be this lipstick and worked better than I thought it was going to. It was a perfect color for the show and lasted all day. However, it is not my favorite, but in that moment it was my saving grace!

Other product by same line

I have never used the cleanser, but I use their blemish cream and it works great! It is not harsh and does not smell bad like other creams. The great thing is about the cream is that it works really well and quickly, while still managing to be gentle on sensitive skin.

Smells great #Swiftie

My sister and I LOVE Taylor Swift. So I bought her the perfume for her birthday and she loves it! Sometimes I even steal it! It smell so good and the bottle is adorable! Love you Taylor! To all the haters Taylor and this perfume are the best!


I love this product it does not irritate sensitive skin. Like their commercial states, it does not smell bad like other products, the grapefruit one actually smells pretty good! It also takes care of blemishes while still managing to be sensitive on skin.


I have a similar product and absolutely love it! As a dancer, it is perfect for a high bun because it eliminates all bumps and fly aways. It is also great for tangles, hence the name.

Nut Allergy

In the past I had a horrible nut allergy, but luckily I outgrew it. I used this product and it made me rash. My dermatologist said was because cocoNUTs are nuts. So to all of you with nut allergies do NOT use this product. Instead I use the Moroccan oil also made by this company and love it!


Perfect for people with dry skin and eczema! It is really gentle and still gets rid of blemishes. It also does not irritate skin. Great for chest and back too.

Curls and lashes look fuller

I love the brush shape because it is not too small or too big. Therefore, it works great on both the upper and lower lashes. The brush also make it easy to get the corner of your eyes. It also gives a really nice curl and lift to upper lashes.


This product makes your lips so soft and also feels nice when applying. I have the pink shimmer one and love it! The pink shimmer reminds me of Barbie lips, which is good.

Good, but not great

The good thing about this product is that the color does last a long time. Unfortunately, I feel as though the consistency of the gloss is really thick. The twist design is also a pain because it either spits out a ton at once or nothing at all.

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