Gentle Skin Cleanser


Shade M.
Great for sensitive skin.

This is the only cleanser I can use with out having an allergic reaction. It leaves your skin super soft and it doesn't take much. This cleanser is the best cleanser for people just wanting a refreshing face wash. I highly recommend it. I love all of Cetaphil products.

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Liz S.

I accidently picked up this product intending to buy the Cetaphil Daily Skin Cleanser as I thought it would be better suited to my skin type, however I have fallen in love with this product and how it makes my skin feel. I have extremely acne prone skin and love that I suffer no further redness or irritation from this product, I would recommend this to anyone with similar problematic skin.

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Deneb T.

I've never hear this product before until my mom bought this cleanser for my siblings and I to use. Ever since that day I have been using this as my daily face cleanser! I really like how it doesn't dry out my face and leaves it refreshing. Gently like the product says!!

Cat C.
Love it

I have been using this product for literally forever. I love how it makes my skin feel; soft and hydrated. I tend to have oilier skin but I bought the gentle skin cleanser for normal to dry skin because it makes my skin feel so soft. Normally I don't use just this to wash my face, only when it's oily. This product is great for people with sensitive skin, like moi, and it's dermatologist recommended, it's non-comedogenic, fragrance free and plus, it's made in Canada!!

Alice L.

This is my favorite facial cleanser. I have sensitive skin and it doesn't create allergic reaction at all, its amazing!! If your looking for something amazing then get this, and it helps reduce my acne!!

Hailey H.

I love this! I have very oily sensitive skin and this gets all of the dirt off of my face without causing dryness or irritation! A few days before I bought my first bottle I had gone to the doctor to see what he could do about my acne. He told me to use this and within a few weeks my skin was starting to clear up and my skin wasn't as oily throughout the day! I love this product!

Shenese D.
Simply The Best

I experienced adult acne in my early 30s. ..a friend recommended Cetaphil and baking soda scrub for morning and night. I noticed immediate improvement and have had no major breakouts since. 10 years later and it's still my favorite facisl staple. Worth every cent!

Faith F.

OMG this works so well! I had a serious acne problem when I was younger (like 8 yrs old) and I tried tons of washes but they all just made me break out more! Then my mom picked this up one day and I have been using it ever since. It is great for ALL skin types and won't dry you out. It is also really gentle.

Lily I.

Perfect for people with dry skin and eczema! It is really gentle and still gets rid of blemishes. It also does not irritate skin. Great for chest and back too.

Arlinda N.
Best Soap Ever!

I've been using this facial soap for about 2 years now and my skin is still in love! It's so gentle and it smells so crisp and fresh. I can use it all year round when my skin is dry in the winter and oily in the summer, but I usually have to use extra moisturizer in the winter.