Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum


Stephanie M.
Smells great, feels heavy.

I loved the smell of this product, and felt like it got the job done, when my hair was damp. But it is really heavy, and can weigh down hair. A little goes a long way that's for sure

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Pily C.
Gorgeous hair

I am totally obsessed with Organix products and more with the coconut ones, I have a naturally dry hair so this products really gives a smother and shiny texture, plus it feels soft. This one really helps my hair after going swim, the pool water really dries my hair and this serum is like magic, instantly after using the shampoo and conditioner with humid hair apply this and your hair will shine and feel smooth while enjoying a delicious scent.

PS: when trying a new hair product, check that it really is made for your hair type and need.

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Alicia D.

I have been using this product for about 6 months now and I absolutely love it. I have also been using the Organix Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner and these products combined make my hair extremely soft and help maintain my color as I color my hair... Since using the anti-breakage serum, I have notice a vast decrease in my split ends and they are pretty close to non-existant. I use this product after every wash, which I usually wash my hair every other day, and I apply it to the ends of the hair and to the ends of my side bangs. I will definitely keep purchasing this serum as my hair has never been in better condition!

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Amelia R.
Good for finer hair

I have very fine hair, and it's naturally very sleek, I've never had problems with frizz or dryness, but I had some split end problems, so I wanted to try using a hair oil. When I used Moroccan oil, it was too heavy for me. It weighed my hair down a lot, which was no fault of the Moroccan oil. It conditioned my hair amazingly, it just wasn't right for me. Instead, I decided to use this coconut oil and it worked really well. I use 1 pump on my ends when my hair is still damp and it gets absorbed really quickly and doesn't make my hair feel greasy at all, so I think this might be better if Moroccan oil is too heavy for your hair type.

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Theresa G.

I have been using BIOSILK for a very long time and decided it was time to change. I went for this product and couldn't be more happy. After I blow dry my hair or my daughters hair I finish by applying this. It makes your hair have that ultimate healthy look.. Also makes it feel smooth and silky. Also smells great : )

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Elisabeth R.

my mum bought this for her hair i saw it was organic so i said well my hair isn't all healthy let me try this i have to say i fell in love with it! the smell OMG! you can tell if someone is using it, beside the smell my hair always feels amazing when i use this! i use it when i have damp dry hair from showering then style such a amazing product! helps split ends and shine and just overall healthy feel to hair.

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Bachii R.

so this stuff in awesome, its really helped my ends from splitting!! i normally dont buy a product more than once unless its REALLY good, in this case ive been using it for 3yrs!! its just that good

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Tiffany V.

I would compare this product to Redken's glass drops except this possesses a wonderful coconut smell and is a bit cheaper. I use this with the entire product line. Coconut Shampoo, Coconut Conditioner, and Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum. Perfect for summer!

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Sarah H.

Works well for my sister who has thick curly hair, but I have fine straight hair and it is way too heavy for my hair. It says weightless but unless my hair is very wet/just out of the shower and I blow dry then straighten it instead of letting it air dry just looks greasy and oily. I would only recommend this to people with thick hair, on fine hair it really does look like your hair is a bucket of grease. It does smell really good though, and a very little amount goes a long long way.

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Madison  H.

This product is wonderful especially for my hair. It helps keep my hair smelling nice of coconut and helps it keep soft having my hair be dry all the time this is a life saver!