Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum


Madison  H.

This product is wonderful especially for my hair. It helps keep my hair smelling nice of coconut and helps it keep soft having my hair be dry all the time this is a life saver!

Silvia G.
Coconut NOT a Nut

Let me begin by saying that coconuts are a fruit and I had this verified by an allergist. This product is amazing. It smells wonderful and is addictive in a great way! To get the right amount for your hair start with a small amount and focus on the ends working your way up. You must try it at least once - you won't go wrong. It's wonderful for curly hair!

Lily I.
Nut Allergy

In the past I had a horrible nut allergy, but luckily I outgrew it. I used this product and it made me rash. My dermatologist said was because cocoNUTs are nuts. So to all of you with nut allergies do NOT use this product. Instead I use the Moroccan oil also made by this company and love it!

Sarah T.

This serum works best when you know how much of it you need to use on your hair. I usually only use this serum after I straighten my hair. I have Polynesian hair and it only takes one pump. It gives your hair a glossy finish. The only time it makes your hair look too oily, is when you use more than you need. One pump is enough. Even half of that is plenty! I like this serum!

Solange  E.
It's Just Okay

is it just me. ... because, After the first use it left my hair feeling greasy. I bought it after all my friends hyped it up but, it's not that great. I don't get it.

Kayla S.

Leaves hair super smooth and shiny with a slight coconut smell. Just be weary of how much you use, it definity doesnt take a lot and if you apply too much you'll look greasy.

Katana N.

If you love this product for your hair I'm telling you that you can practically use it for everything, I use the coconut oil as a mask for my hair and keep it in my hair over night, it helps with the growth and dryness if my hair. I've also used this product to remove my eye make up without having to rub hard to irritate my eyes. Also if you put a bit on ur eyelids before you go to bed it's proven to help with eyelash growth, I've also added sugar to it and made a tiny scrub for my lips to help heal cracked lips and remove dead skin! Overall great product with so many uses

Jeanne P.

This is my fave oil, really good for over-night masks! Also when I use it on damp hair and it soothes everything out when I blowdry it, or you can use it after having ironed your hair, it leaves it freezless and shiny, and the smell!! ho my!!

Daria S.

I have over bleached hair and it still leaves my hair greasy. It works better on wet hair but it doesn't do much anyway. It smells nice and the price is very user friendly

Thalia M.

this is a great hair product that I use after I get out of the shower all the time. it limits the frizz and stops split ends. it leaves your hair looking shiny and soft every time.