Lip Glaze Collection


Cece T.

I have most of the glosses and they are amazing for on the go shine and color, it's non-sticky and the smells very in a pleasant way! And I wear them going out or to school, and they don't dry your lips out

Jane J.

Literally a best lip glosses of Stila in a box, gorgeous!!! My only issue is some of them can be a bit sticky so don't use too much I find a little goes a really long way

Marie E.

I love these ! they are super cute and very pretty on the lips. I found them in a random store, so i was super excited because i got them at a very un-expensive price, 20$.

Evelyn M.
Cranberry is my fave!

Lipglazes taste so good!! But besides that, they give a nice tint. My favorite color is Cranberry. If you want a bit of tint but dont have time to look through lipsticks, I'd say to keep this one in your purse ... They're a little on the sticky side, but thats most glosses. Definitely recommend :-)

BeGwenly G.
Stila Lip Glaze Kit

I love love love this Stila lip glaze kit, Stila is one of the only cosmetic brands that actually brings out a lip gloss kit, and every one knows how popular this is with Mother's and Aunts', when they are looking for something for there young girls for their birthday or Christmas . The pigments are good for younger girls, and there not sticky, and they are always at a good price point. No more that $26.00. If there was a delta about this product it would probably be that they don't carry it throughout the year, I don't know about in other countries, but in the U.S its only carried from November to December, so if your not quick you won't see it on your local cosmetic shelf only for the holidays.

Raiden Q.

love the colors in this collection! it lets your try out alot of colors so you can decide if you want to get the full size or not! i gave a few to my mom for her birthday and she is addicted aswell ha ha! alittle sticky but not too bad, and they last a pretty long time!

Ana G.
a little bit of everything

I love this set. I was debating on which glosses to buy and ended up with this set. It gives great variety of colors. I also mixed them to get extremely glossy lips. I had no issues with the texture.

Lily I.
Good, but not great

The good thing about this product is that the color does last a long time. Unfortunately, I feel as though the consistency of the gloss is really thick. The twist design is also a pain because it either spits out a ton at once or nothing at all.

Grace Z.
It's ok

The smell is very nice but the twist brush design is a bit annoying because its hard to get the right amount of product on the brush and the gloss is very thick, so if you twist it a little too much it feels very goopy.

Cortney S.
Great for the price.

I have to say that I got 3 of these for just a couple dollars on sale at For a "high end" brand, I would have expected higher quality and more product in the tubes, but like I stated above, I like what I got for the price. Even the darker shades look nice with my light skin which I wasn't expecting. I like that these aren't too sticky but they also aren't super super long lasting. All in all, 2 1/2 stars because I feel