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No More MAC!

I just can't get over these shadows....I mean WOW!!! They are so pigmented and velvety. Yesterday I was going through my entire eyeshadow collection, swatching to see what I like and what I don't, and I am so excited to say that EVERY single wet n wild shadow I have is AMAZING. Half of my MAC shadows DIDN'T SHOW UP even when I really swirled my brush into them. Wet N Wild trios are barely 3 dollars!!! I am done spending a fortune on single eyeshadows when I can buy these for a tiny price!


WOW is all I have to say! Colors are so pigmented and creamy, and they blend like a dream! The color range is great too. The looks are endless. You can play a lot with the neutrals (my favorite!) or go a little bolder with the bright glitter pencils. There are only two glitters, if you are not so much of a glitter fan. All pencils are full sized, and worth 19 dollars each. So this set really is a steal! I did a full review on my blog, check it out, the link is on my Beautylish profile!

Exactly what I wanted!

I went to the Too Faced counter at the Exchange on my husband's army base (it is discounted there by about $4!) to buy Chocolate Soliel. However....I stumbled across this product, swatched it, and immediately bought it! Earlier that day I was thinking that I wanted a powder highlight to set a cream one, and also because High Beam sometimes can be a tad too much. This product catches the light very nicely and has a beautiful glow! I can't believe I never knew about it before now.

Short lived success...

I got this in a value set by MUFE and I LOVED lashes looked AMAZING. Volume, was great. BUT within I would say 2 to 3 weeks, the tube was almost completely dried out, and my lashes flaked SO bad every time I put it on. I ended up with TONS of little flakes all over my cheeks every single day, so I figured...."well that tube came in a kit...maybe it had been sitting there for a while? I'll try a new tube"....sadly, the same exact results. It was nice at first, but not worth the price.

Dream Brush!!!

This brush was recommended to me at Ulta a few weeks ago, and I am SO glad I bought it! It is probably the most expensive single brush I own (I usually purchase from Sigma), but I am so happy with it! It makes your foundation go a long way, and gives a very natural and blended look. Say goodbye to streaks or globs of extra foundation...this brush is so large and dense that it does an excellent job with blending into a very easy airbrushed look. I have used it with two different liquid foundations so far, and both are very different in coverage and finish. It is SUPER easy to clean as well, and it is very sturdy and keeps its shape! DEFINITELY look into this brush. It is a nice contrast to my flat top kabuki that I have had for over a year.

My new favorite!!!

This was my first Lorac purchase, and I am very pleased!! The colors are BEAUTIFUL and very nice color payoff. There are SO many looks you can do, and so many different choices of color. I love that there are equal mattes and shimmers, and I love that the coordinating mattes and shimmers are paired horizontally. They blend very well, and it is so easy to create a natural everyday look. I can't wait to experiment more with this, and to use it next time I do a bride's makeup! Right now I prefer this over the Naked Palette, which says a lot.

Very nice....expected more on the waterline

This is the BLACKEST and SMOOTHEST pencil I have ever owned, in fact I gasped when I swatched it in Ulta. It DOES have excellent lasting power on the upper lid, however I had heard that it lasts really well on the water line just didn't for me. It was gone in a matter of a couple of minutes. I am still really happy with it though! I should have known nothing really lasts on the waterline, so I still say it is worth the money because the consistency and quality of the liner is excellent.

Lives up to its claim!

I am currently at home sick with a stomach virus. To really test this product, I put some over my darrrk sick circles lol, and...WOW!!! My eyes instantly brightened right up and looked fresh and dewy. I am impressed! If this product holds up to being sick and sleepy, it can handle anything!

I now have 7....

Extreme? Yes. But I bought a bunch of the fall/winter ones before they get discontinued for season. They smell incredible and are strong enough to fill more than a couple of rooms at once. My favorite is the Hot Chocolate : )

Love it!

Leaves my lips so soft and smooth. not waxy or flaky! I bought the purple tube with the nude/peachy color and loved it, so I bought the regular clear balm. The formula is a million times better than normal chapstick.

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