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One of my favourites

These are one of my favourite lip glosses. My favourite one out of any of them is one I got last year called Puddin' Pie. It looks great with my skin and has the perfect amount of glitter to it. I will admit they are pretty sticky but I don't really notice all that much because I've been using them so long. They keep my lips stuper soft and since I don't like chapstick these are great. The only other gloss in my collection that ties as a favourite lip gloss of all time for me is from Bath and Body Works Christmas collection last year called Twisted Peppermint.

I'd go back to being a kid just for this shampoo :P

I remember using this shampoo as a little kid like it was yesterday (it actually wasn't THAT long ago, I mean I'm only 14 so it wasn't too long ago). It smelled so good and came in tons of different scents! The bottle was so cute too and totally fun for kids! It always made my hair smell fruity and was always shiny. From what I remember it always detangled my thick (and at the time super curly) hair. I use this when I give my little cousin his bath when I babysit and he seems to love it too :P

Great Polish!

I recently bought the colour Phoebe from the Mod Matte collection and I love it both matte and with a glossy top coat! I only have the one colour and I'm pretty pleased with it. It has a great formula and great colour selection. My ONLY complaint is that they are over priced. I know some of you may say that 7 or 8 dollars isn't too bad but considering the size of the bottle? It says it has 15 mL in it but I think it's a load of crap because it is no where near the size of the China Glaze bottle which says it has 14 mL sooo I'm a little confused :S

Great for a quick lash boost.

I really like this mascara for when you're not getting to dressed up and just want to give for lashes a little oomph. If I had to pic it wouldn't be my top one just because I have other's that work better for me. But it is high up there on my list of mascaras. I really like it and think you should try it, if it doesn't work for you then oh well.

I'd like to learn more.

I only recently discovered this brand. I only got one because I had already bought three of the Justin Bieber Nicole by O.P.I. polishes and a few other polishes so I wasn't going to spend a ton of money on a bunch of nail polishes when I didn't even know how good they are. I got the gold one (it doesn't have a name I don't think) and I was pleasantly surprised. It has a very nice consistency and is pretty opaque after one coat for a gold like that. I went with three but I'm sure two coats would have been fine. Over all I really liked it and will invest in more Borghese polishes.

Very Good.

I really do like Avon polishes, they have a good selection of colours and a good price (but then again I get mine cheaper because I get them from my friend's mom who sells Avon) and I think they're pretty good quality. They get a bit thick over time (or at least mine did) but that might just be me. Over all I think they are a very good polish.

I really like them!

So, I have only one of these and would like to buy the rest of them over time. I have the one called Laser. The colours are beautiful and they go on very nicely. I understand the frustration people are having about the fact that they are too sheer. However, I fount that if you put black underneath (with the dark colours) and probably white or a lighter shade that the colour is (for the light colours) they come out perfectly opaque! Since I don't have any of the brighter/lighter colours I'm not saying that the white will work under them but I'm pretty sure if you used a colour that was the same except a lighter shade it will look fantastic!

They really smell!

I have two of these, the raspberry and which ever one is supposed to smell like the beach (I seemed to have misplaced it and forget what it's called) anywho, the colour looks amazing and they smell for a really long time! I will forsure buy more of these in the future, but for now I have a few more important ones to buy. I love these<3

Best chapstick EVER!

Ok I'm not big on chapstick, I prefer lipgloss. But this is seriously the most moisturizing chapstick I've ever used. They have different scents and it's all natural. It is seriously the best chapstick I've ever had. I love it.

Meh, kind of a waste for me.

I've never technically used these before. I have some, the Nicole by O.P.I. ones, but I do my own nail art and (not trying to be rude here) I'm pretty good at it. So for me personally, I never get the chance to use them because I'm always doing my own stuff. I'm sure they work well but for me, I do my own thing.

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