Sally Hansen

HD Nail Color


Norel P.

Beautiful shades, I have it in green and I like the shimmery effect! It's perfect for Spring looks and the product really last and does not become thick and sticky ;)

Olivia H.
Pretty Good

Some of them are great and pretty opaque, but others are super sheer, and take MANY coats. For the sheer one I like to use them as top coats to give dimension to other colours. All the colours they come in are gorgeous and fairly priced. Overal this product is good but not spectacualr.

Arettlsar T.
I want this

I want this I love the color and shiney look to it,Purple is my favoite color big time and I want to buy this Nail polish and if I ever see it I am buying it big time.

Angie A.

The colors are very pretty in-bottle, but they're extremely sheer and take about 5 coats per application to reach opacity. They don't actually look much like their in-bottle color, actually. Ehh... Not a fan.

Emily O.
Just OK

I bought all of these nail polishes one day last summer when they were on sale for $2. And some of them I believe that's all they're worth. The colors are nice but are kind of thin and don't last more than a week without chipping.

Amanda Y.
A Few Are Really Pretty

The shades with the shimmer are really really pretty and different looking. They don't chip a lot which is also a benefit of this product. I can't remember the price on this item but knowing Sally Hansen probably around 6 bucks..which is a lil pricey.

Victoria D.

I have quite a few of these (they recently went on sale around here, so I picked up what was left that I didn't have!) And the colors are absolutely gorgeous. To die for! However, for me, they go on sort of unevenly and streaky. You need no less than two coats, and more for some of the other colors. I'd really love them if they weren't so streaky!

Sarah M.

I love these... They are very nice. But I don't understand why it's "HD" or what about it would be "HD" There was a huge selection of beautiful colors and I love every one I have. But on this really pretty yellow one though.... it needs like 4 coats to get the nail painted without...being able to see through it But it's very beautiful :)

Myrna P.

This is an average nail polish for me. Not sure if I would consider it to be "HD" it looks like any other color to me. This was my first and maybe my last purchase, unless of course better colors come out.

Katorra L.
Photo of product included with review by Katorra L.

I feel so in luve with the way this polish appers to be glowing that, I just had to go back and get every color. The only shade that gave me some problems with color was the yellow. Look how my nails appear to glow in this photo. It does take 2-3 coats similiar to most other polish. When I purchased my bottles, each one came with a free bottle of Salley Hansen Heavy Duty Clear Top Coat which was also a plus.

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