Scented Nail Enamel


Bry R.

Oh I loved these things!! I'm happy to know Ulta still has them. They smelled soooo good. For a few days at least. Then the smell would start to wear off. Even after a few days, you could still slightly smell it. It's just the strongest within the first 30 hrs of applying it.

Naeela S.
sooo good

i have three of these - bubble gum, candy and gum drop and they are amazing. they go on so well and very opaque after two coats. as for the smell, they do smell really good for a little while but its a generic sweet smell rather than what the package says, and does wear off after a while.

Alexis R.

i have revlon clear and it doesn't work as well i hoped it would but it works perfectly fine otherwise. revlon is long lasting but once the clear comes off so does the color

Ashley D.

Got this a while back and love the beautiful chartreuse color but it takes a few coats to get it super bold. I wear it all the time and usually on my toes because the smell is AWFUL. I get such a bad migraine from this smell that I rarely wear it on my fingers and when I do I have to use extra topcoat just so I can smell it as little as possible! I love the polish but it's not very good for migraine sufferers to use on fingernails!

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Nicole T.
Interesting scent

I bought the shade 'Gum Drop' about a year ago and i love it,it's a light lilac color that only looks good for fair skin girls,cause it doesn't looks really nice on my darker skin tone :( But the scent is like normal nail polishes when just being applied on but once it dries,it smells like a candy yummmmm,and the scent of it can last for a few days,which is a good thing for such a cheap price,but here's the thing,you have to apply at least 3-4 coats to cover up the dark spots cause the nail polish has lots of water on it so it's really watery,that's my opinion on this product,and i guess i love it :D

Vanessa L.

I have a few of these...I really like them. The scent doesn't come until they dry. They smell super good. Cotton Candy and Bubble Gum are my favorite scents. However, my experience was that these don't work with the shatter nail polish. I tried the white OPI shatter and it didn't work at all. I guess it's something about the scented formula.

Felicia S.
Ocean Breeze Smells Awesome

I love this product. The color is beautiful, and so is the smell! It smells like perfume on my nails once it's dry. What a cool concept! The pigmentation is good, I think I only had to use 2 coats. It lasts well and applies nicely.

Jordana K.
Grape Fizz

I have just finished my manicure - it took 3 coats to get it to a shade that it wasn't translucent but to give it its dues, I've applied 3 coats of glitter (china glaze fairydust and snowglobe), a seche vite topcoat and my nails still smell like a jolly rancher!

Ish K.

I bought one today. I applied it and I was like 'It smells like all others'... but soon as it starts to dry... OMFG amazing. I will definitely get more!!

Elaina Y.
Great smell

I bought this in the shade Gum Drop, which is a pale lavender. When you paint this polish on, it just smells like any normal nail polish, but after it dries the polish smells like candy! It's such a good smell and it actually lasts for a couple of days. I have to say that this polish formual is just like any other Revlon polish. Although I find that with one coat of this it is opaque enough for me. If you apply two coats of this shade, the changes slightly than what you see in the bottle. Over all these scented ones have a good range of colour and it is a good price as well.