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Beauty Product Reviews

I bought 3, crystal, lavender and jade. I like that they're wet like a gel and not sticky, takes longer to dry but you can back glitter on top easily( in my silver winged eye tut). They have really good staying power. I actually used one as a glue to adhere some gems to my tattoo on my arm lasted a couple hours no problem. I don't like to brush, it splayed out on 2 of them.

Not a big fan of this product. They seem to be to greasy to my liking. Didn't deem to be as opaque whit as the Milk jumbo pencil. My eyelids weren't not meant for this product, way too oily.

I got One in every color. I prefer the old brush better. I got a large variety of pretty good lip glosses fairly inexpensively. A good buy! They have a good consistency not too thick or sticky, however you have to reapply for often.

I keep a box around the house. I use it once or twice a month. Just got my bf into using them he does it weekly. I think it works pretty well, it no miracle treatment for blackheads but it helps.

I got it as a gift with purchase. I like, it takes it all off very quickly and doesn't the leave the face too oily. Its a light oil like, almond oil. It doesn't bother me at all. If I had to buy, probably not, too many cheaper products that give the same result.


Can be used as a makeup remover, cleanser, and toner. You can use it around the eyes to remove eye makeup and it doesn't burn. I usually use a cotton pad for all over my face and got back with a q-tip around the eyes. I also you it as a pre-makeup cleanser for my clients. I got it from the O2B2 Tour Class kit also.

Love, Love, Loove!!!

I got this from The O2B2 Tour Class Kit.I like that its very rich but not greasy. It moisturizers very well without being an oil slick. Just give a couple mints to soak and your good to go.

My Boyfriend loves this stuff!

Since my skin is normal I pretty much use whatever I pick up. I like it but It doesn't matter to me one way or the other. On the other hand my bf has dry skin, mostly from shaving, swears by this stuff. He uses it as part of his shave routine. He usually applies it in the shower to help soften his whiskers before he shaves. The only drawback is the price since you can use it everyday. I think it was like $16-20 for 16oz, but I can't remember because the tag is worn off, but it lasted us 4 mos. We just ran out of that and Cosmetic Lad which he uses afterwards. It smells a little weird too!

My all time Fave Primer!

The skin is left so smooth like silk. The makeup basically glides on top of the primer. It leaves a slight shimmer effect to the skin. I don't have oily skin so I am not sure about the oil blotting.


Love this so much. Easy to use and dries quickly. It has a felt tip for ease of use. The handle is easy to grip and the tips glides over the skin.

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