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Ahhhhh!!! :)

It smells soo goooood!!It is a very sweet scent,but it isn't overpowering.This was actually the first actual Purfume I ever got,(when I was like 5 or 6)and I still wear it all the time.(obviously a new bottle.)Also,the bottle is soo cute!!So worth the Money!


I use this lip balm a lot in the winter months because it is one of the thickest lip balms I&#39;ve ever <a href='http://tried.It' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'>tried.It</a> really helps out when my lips are chapped or dry.The one bad thing is the flavor/scent.I think it is a bit overpowering!Though,it is still really amazing &amp; affordable!

Must have!

I&#39;ve wanted this since it came out,but I always skipped it because if the price.Finally got it for Christmas 2013,and I&#39;m so thankful! I&#39;ve always been a big fan of Marc Jacobs,and there is a good chance this is my favorite scent from the brand!This is the perfect floral scent,and you don&#39;t need much.Also,I never have to reapply this throughout the day!Honestly,this is worth every penny you spend.Also,I&#39;ve seen it the cheapest at belk!If you do buy this,get it there rather thank maceys or ulta.


This Purfume smell SOOO incredible.Pretty much anybody can wear this scent.Ive heard so many different opinions about Purfume,but pretty much everybody loves viva la juicy.I just wish it was less expensive!!!!!!

You need this!

Every living person needs a jar of this. Ok,listen closely.Stop reading this right now and go to the store and buy some! Are you back? Ok! The reason I&#39;m so nuts about Vaseline,is because you can use it for a million and one things!Seriously,it&#39;s lip balm,makeup remover,facial moisturizer,and I use it the most often in DIY projects.Ive made so many incredible things using Vaseline as the main ingredient! Save to say this is a beauty must have!!!! ;)

Meh :/

I never really know what to expect with Essie.I will say that they do have an amazing color selection,but I just don&#39;t like the formula.After about 2/3 days,the polish is already chipping away.Also,I think it is way to thick.That makes it very difficult to apply!Some people may like this,but the polish is almost opaicke.(totally didn&#39;t spell that right.LOL)Another turn down for me is that they are way to expensive!For the exact same price I can go get china glaze or O.P.I. Nail polishes which I think are a good investment.Overall,I think that I prefer the NYC nail polishes which are 93 cents.I do not recommend these at all!

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Best of the best

I have tried so many eyeshadows,and these are no question the best!!The pigmentation of these shadows are ridiculous and the texture is fantastic! They are very pricey,but they are worth the extra money!!If you buy an Urban decay eyeshadow,you won&#39;t regret it!


I have probably bought at least 5 or 6 of the baby lips!they are amazing!They are super moisturizing and also long lasting.The only problem with this is that it doesn&#39;t really heal your lips.After it wears off,your lips are the <a href='http://same.It' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'>same.It</a> doesn&#39;t make them smoother.Still is a very nice lip balm with adorable colors,packaging,and yummy scents!I do recommend baby lips!


This mascara has a nice light weight formula and my lashed always feel fluffy after using this,but the big problem is the brush.The brush hardly puts any product on your lashes.This works nicely when you layer with other mascaras,but alone it hardly does anything!


This Purfume smells SOOO good!!! It is very floral and amazing! Also,very long lasting scent!Marc Jacobs is very pricey but honestly I think that it is totally worth it.

Jacobs is very pricey but honestly I think that it


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