Petroleum Jelly


Kaitlin W.
It has so may uses !!!

I love having Vasline because you can use it as a lip balm or make your on or even use it as a night cream when you warm it up (crazy right?!) there are probley a hundred different ways to use this and if you have a paper cut or a minor burn it will help heal it trust me! And they come in flavours as well 😱

Saylor G.
I put this on my lashes

I love putting this stuff on my lashes before I go to sleep! It's makes my eye lashes so long and thick! Also great to put in lips before sleep!

Brittany R.
Love these <3

Absolutely love this I put it on before bed and my lips don't dry out thru the night. I rarely put it on during the day it's too thick but I love it for night time

Delilah H.
Beauty Staple!

I am basically echoing others, but I use this every single day. Rumors say it's linked to cancer but honestly anything can be linked to cancer. Not using this because it may be linked with cancer is like not drinking water because it went in a river where fish waste is. 😒. But there are many things I use them for. ❤️ All in all, use it ladies! It works ❤️

Put on lashes to help increase moisture and grow better Rub on lips then dab cinnamon on top to plump lips Deep moisturize feet and hands in winter Making lip balm Applying a tiny bit to split ends Tame unruly eyebrows

And much much more...

Hannah S.
this is amazing

the stuff like heals everything I love it and it's so smooth and soft and there's no grainy touch to it I guarantee it would be amazing if you guys tried it I hope you guys try it it's amazing

Rebecca M.

Honestly this is the best thing to remove your makeup with. I know some people may say that it leaves your skin oily but all you have to do I wash your face afterwards then you are fine. I heard that it also does not cause wrinkles when you are older because you do not need to rub hard.

Jordyn D.
Great Beauty Secrets

Vaseline is an amazing product that most everyone has in their bathroom closet. I like to apply it to my lashes on no-makeup days for a lash conditioner and definer. It makes it look like I am wearing mascara. Also, I like to add sugar to some Vaseline and use it as a lip scrub.

Jessica D.
You just need it

Basically you need this product. That's just the bottom line. It does everything (moisturizing, good for cracked elbows, knees, cuticles, protection from dyes, eye makeup remover, and so much more) It's a prefect multitasker and everyone should have it!

Sydney C.

Don't like for more than to put on my legs after I shave over my lotion to add shine and lock in the moisture. It's not going to do anything for your lips like moisturize. Sorry guys but the hype isn't worth it.

Kenna  S.
Why is this even an option to review? 😂

Ok, we've all used vaseline. Whether it be for beauty, injury, or to do the Vaseline challenge on YouTube. (I don't recommend doing that challenge.) but it's classic! Vaseline is used for so many things in everyday life! You can use it for a lot more beauty reasons than you might realize. Shaping brows, body shine, even helping when you burn yourself with that new curling iron! Classic. So, so classic. 💕✌️