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I really love how you can use these wet or dry. I usually like to use mine wet when i am going out in the night. I use mine everyday for a great noticeable effect.


Because i damage my hair from drying,straightening my hair along with the fact that i swim in pool water constantly makes my hair dry and split ends, but when i use this product it makes my hair shiny and healthy. It is a lifesaver for me. Also since have oily roots i have to worry about if the product will make my hair even more oily but not with this product!


This product was a waste of $7. I bought the OPI crackle polish a few weeks before and loved it. I saw the purple Sally Hansen and thought that it would be a good product, so i had to get it. When i got home i couldn't wait to try it. First i had to put 2 to 3 coats on to get the "purple" look and second it barley even cracked at all. It also was a mess because it took forever to dry. This is a do not buy product.

Very strong

I love the smell but i can only spray it once on my wrists because it is very strong. If i spray to much then my head hurts all day. The smell is very sweet and it is very similar to Dark Kiss. If you are like me then go for Dark Kiss it isn't so strong and it almost smells the same.


Most of there colors are really cool and they stay on pretty long. My least favorite one is the yellow one, you have to put a ton on so you cannot see your nail. I only have like 3 but i really want more.

My favorite nail polish from Sinful Colors is called 24/7. It is the brightest pink i have ever seen. I love most of theirs colors and they also are very cheap. The downside from them being so cheap is that they chip after 2 days. I think everyone should at least have 1 in their nail polish collection.

Works well and not to pricey.

This is my all time favorite heat protector. It doesn't weigh your hair down and it when i use it i can see and feel a difference in my hair. I do not have a ton of split ends like i did when i didn't use it. This product also is cheap for how well it works.

This product is amazing and i think that everyone should get it. There is some downfalls such as each shadow is only about the size of a dime and piece fall out that are part of the shadow. It is a good price for only $20. I use it 3 times every week.

I want to collect all of them.

I love all of their colors and i cannot stop wearing them. They come in the best colors and are really cheap for a good bottle of nail polish! They aren't to thin or thick they are just right.

Not my 1st choice for nail polish

I'm not really a fan of the nail polish because of the colors it comes in also how small it is. But the price is good and the rings are so cute. I would give the nail polish as a gift to a little kid.

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