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1 layer do not seem to be enough for my skin,its to light. But if i put to many coats on then it starts to get cakey which i hate. The product goes on smooth and is easy to apply but i would apply it with a foundation brush or a sponge for best results. Otherwise it would be streaky.

Good idea but dried up.

When the product was on sale i thought that it would be perfect for doing "cat eye" but it was already dried up when 1st tried to use it. I threw it away within the 2nd week that i had it.

Iced pink is my favorite.

I like Avon lip gloss. My favorite is the Iced pink. Most of them are shiny and aren't very thick. They are great if you put them over a matte lipstick. The thing i do not like is the fact that they aren't sold in store.

It is okay.

I bought this because i broke my MAC bronzer. I love NYC nail polish so i was thinking this is going to be a good product. Boy was i wrong. I thought that if i dropped it once then the whole thing my break. Also it was streaky on my skin and i would never use the sponge that it came with. I would go with Rimmel London Natural Bronzer. It is way better

Good deal

I use this product for when i do a brown or smoky eye look. For the best results use a eyelid primer. My favorite color in the latte is brow bone color. You might need a touch up because the colors start to fade after a few hours. The downside about this product is that the clear case fell off after a couple of uses.

It is okay.

When i saw the product on TV i thought wow I'm going to get that product. When i got the product it looked dried up. Also it didn't have a color near my skin tone and was a little pricey. When i first put it on I had no idea what to put it on with a brush?, a sponge? my finger?. The product is now in the bin that i want to throw away.

Love it!

I love this product and for only an $1 it was a great buy. It was oily at 1st but once you rub it in it feels like there is nothing on your eyes. Some of the elf products aren't very good but this is one of there best. The only thing that i do not like about the product is that it came with very little in the bottle and the wand would have build up of the product. Other than that i loved it!

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