Beauty Product Reviews

Barely new and I love it already!

I've been shopping around for a brush cleaner since I ran out of MAC's brush cleaner and was looking for cheaper alternative. I almost forgot about ELF and remembered seeing they had a brush cleaner and for cheap! What I like about this is that its consistency is like shampoo vs MAC's which is like water and it wastes. This, a couple of drops and it did it's thing! It, made my MAC stippling brush's white part actually white! I can also tell it's soft so it conditions. It's only been a couple of hours and already they're dried vs waiting a day. I plan on using this on a weekly basis and getting their daily brush cleaner soon. The way I can tell I need to clean my brushes is when I start to break out slowly good thing this is cheap so now I can wash my brushes more often and avoid the breakouts!

I've never cheated on you and I intend not to!

I think I've gone through 3 or 4 bottles of these already. I've never counted how long they last but when it's down to the last drop it's really down to the last 2 drops! Lol I always procrastinate, I'll get it tomorrow and somehow the 2 drops I usually use manage to come out and when it's done I still managed to get the last 2 drops for my day's make-up! I hope I don't jinx it, but for now I still have a full bottle. Paired up with MAC's Prep and Prime SPF50(check out my review), they're a perfect combo! First apply this then apply the the Prep and Prime. And about the 3 or 4 bottles I've used, no worries, I add it to my MAC's recyclables, save 6 and you get a free lipstick at Nordis or lipstick, lipgloss or eyeshadow at the MAC store!

I gave this a chance and now I'm head over heels for it!!! You will be too if you have Oily skin!

I had just finished a tube of primer from Benefit so I was debating whether I'd get another or go back to MAC for one. Originally the products I used were MAC's oil control lotion and Mac's original prep and prime w/o the SPF 50. It didn't help my pores much or my oil so I purchased the Benefit pore minimizer to use with the oil control lotion. It worked for a while and I wanted to use it up, but still my face was the same, oily. I know I didn't want to mix and match the products because I felt they weren't doing the job for my oily skin so I went to MAC and asked about the Prep and Prime again as if I've never used it before and they mentioned this product with the SPF 50 and that it was new. I was hesitant, but I thought if it didn't work out MAC has a great return policy. It better work for $30 lol I used it along with the oil control lotion first and for the first couple days which was the weekend, I thought I don't know, I felt like my face was cake-y along with using it with my mineral foundation. Work came and I continued to use it. I work really early so when I came home I knocked out for a nap. I woke up walked into the bathroom looked into the mirror and said to myself "Wow, I just realized I didn't have to blot my face the whole day today!" I was so happy I told my hubby and he just gave me this look and started blabbing about sports which I was clueless about lol. He said that's how I feel when you talk about this blotting stuff lol. You just don't know and that's why I'm reviewing this on Beautylish because I want everyone to know that this product has made me so happy! My oily skin has always made me feel so self conscious and with this I don't have to be! I hope it can work for you as it has worked for me. If not, like I said MAC has a great return poilcy. Good luck!

Seek and brows you shall find! Lol

I'll admit, I didn't know what I was thinking when I was younger shaving my eyebrows, but hey I wasn't the only stupid one and I've regretted it ever since. So I make sure I take my daughter to have her eyebrows waxed and tell her to not ever touch them or make a mistake like I did. She says "duh" Mom! Lol Since then I've managed to grow some hair, but not all. And hair seems to disappear when you use mineral foundation like me because it makes it lighter. Since I started using eyeliner, it looked darker than my eyebrows and I was like ew! I need something to even it out. I saw this at Target and said why not? I prefer it over an eyebrow pencil since powder is much more natural. I'm happy with this product and will continue using it! In my profile pic I wasn't aware of this product yet so they looked lighter and very thin. Using this they've gotten darker and just a tiny bit thicker by a centimeter or less lol and the powder makes it look like I have a little more hair lol Blah I don't see a difference I just like that it evens out with the darkness of the eyeliner. My bad! =(

Dry, why?!

Maybe I need to give it another try or maybe I just picked up one that was old stock, but when I applied it on, it was like a pen running out of ink. I tried it twice and after the 2nd time, I knew this product wasn't for me. The description of this product is opposite of what I experienced.

I use this blush more than I've used my MAC blush!

I usually get the mineral blush from MAC and have purchased it twice already, but when I saw my guru mention this blush from ELF I saw the swatch and compared it to my MAC and had to give it a try and I'm hooked! I'm even thinking about returning my blush back to MAC and purchasing more ELF affordable products! I have yet to use the bronzer only because my skin tone is medium and if I use it, I may look too tan.

Doesn't make my eyeliner run

Without this, my eyeliner usually runs mid-day as if the eyeliner was my eyeshadow and I don't wear eyeshadow lol...yet! The only thing I didn't like in the beginning was every time I put the wand back in the tube, primer would come out and be wasted, but hey for 4 quarters, I can get another, no prob! =)

It's been 7 days and my nails/toenails still look like day 1!

Ever since they made my nails bleed at the nail salon I vowed to never never, ever, never ever go back!!! Only problem was, how do I keep my nails looking good like day 1, like they do at the salon?! Well, it didn't take me long to find the perfect answer to my problem! I went to Tarjay (Target), went straight to the Sally Hansen aisle, since I know that Sally Hansen has an array of nail products. I contemplated, stood there, read each and every top coat product they had, and finally after an hour or so lol, I left with this one. Why? Because I was looking for an anti-chip top coat (good-lookin' nails from Day 1 remember?), but I also wanted a top coat that wouldn't keep my hands in a freeze frame status for gosh knows how long and in the end still smudge! The bottle says Insta-Dri, doesn't that grab your attention?! Ok maybe not instant, it does say 30 seconds in its description, but that's the final truth! I'm on my 2nd bottle and will continue to purchase this (sorry, I forget how much it is) until they make one that dries in 1/2 the time lol, 15 seconds. =p Pros:It does what it says! Cons:It starts to dry out 1/4 of the bottle, when that happens, it's time to grab another, otherwise it'll mess up your "left hand trying to polish your right hand" mani if you're right handed and vice versa if your left handed. =)