Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50

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Lily J.

for me this was just a good sunblock. I used a matte foundation over it and my face would look oily halfway throughout the day. my face isn't even that oily just my t-zone but this product made certain parts of my face oilier than usual. don't know if its just me. i really wanted to like it.

Tyler D.

Love this !! I use this everyday and I mix it with the moisture infusion serum because my skin tends to get dry sometimes. I even use it on days when I don't wear any makeup. I love how its a SPF and a Primer ! I sort of hate the packaging because too much product comes out sometimes, overall it's a great product :)

Amanda M.

My face type: Oily, acne prone, acne scarred, oily, OILY.

I've been using this for one year. I've found it to be my staple primer since I first tried it out. I have extremely oily skin and this has been one of the few primers that have worked wonders for me. I get about 7-8 hours of wear with a few touch ups in between. I would definately suggest this to someone with overwhelming oily skin. My only problem is, by the end of the day although my face doesn't LOOK oily it certainly feels super slick and oily. Anyone else have this problem? I just can't stand that feeling knowing how dirty your face is due to running around all day and having it settle in. I just want to run home and clean my face! The packaging can def. use a revamp. It may seem like you are done but cut this baby open and you have an extra week worth of primer.

Puda H.

I use this,product every day. Even on my 'no makeup' days. It somewhat evens my skin tone, lays down a good surface for makeup application, and a high SPF that doesn't contribute to the oiliness of my skin. Only down side is when I can't squeeze any more out of the container if I cut it open there is TONS of product left inside! So yeah the packaging kinda sucks but the product is great.

Stacy N.
Love the stuff, hate the packaging!

Please MAC, I beg of you, to change this packaging! This is my holy grail for a primer! It keeps my makeup matte for hours without having to do a lot of touching up and it has SPF 50 in it, which is a major plus! I love this stuff, but man, for $30, the packaging stinks! I wish this came in the bottle just like the Prep+Prime Skin version! I will continue to purchase it, but please change that packaging!

Monique H.

Helps somewhat with my tzone area. I love that I only have to use a little bit and that it doesn't feel slippery like other primers. An extra bonus is that it has a great spf.

Stephanie F.
GREAT primer!

I love this stuff because it mattifies! It controls my oily skin. A little can go along way with this stuff. I love that it has SPF in it too!

Nadia N.

This is a really good primer and definitely evened out my skin and it actually protected me on a hot day. It was over 90 degrees and I had a job interview. I usually burn in this type of weather but nope I didn't burn at all and my makeup didn't MELT off!! This stuff is awesome!

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Julie D.
I gave this a chance and now I'm head over heels for it!!! You will be too if you have Oily skin!

I had just finished a tube of primer from Benefit so I was debating whether I'd get another or go back to MAC for one. Originally the products I used were MAC's oil control lotion and Mac's original prep and prime w/o the SPF 50. It didn't help my pores much or my oil so I purchased the Benefit pore minimizer to use with the oil control lotion. It worked for a while and I wanted to use it up, but still my face was the same, oily. I know I didn't want to mix and match the products because I felt they weren't doing the job for my oily skin so I went to MAC and asked about the Prep and Prime again as if I've never used it before and they mentioned this product with the SPF 50 and that it was new. I was hesitant, but I thought if it didn't work out MAC has a great return policy. It better work for $30 lol I used it along with the oil control lotion first and for the first couple days which was the weekend, I thought I don't know, I felt like my face was cake-y along with using it with my mineral foundation. Work came and I continued to use it. I work really early so when I came home I knocked out for a nap. I woke up walked into the bathroom looked into the mirror and said to myself "Wow, I just realized I didn't have to blot my face the whole day today!" I was so happy I told my hubby and he just gave me this look and started blabbing about sports which I was clueless about lol. He said that's how I feel when you talk about this blotting stuff lol. You just don't know and that's why I'm reviewing this on Beautylish because I want everyone to know that this product has made me so happy! My oily skin has always made me feel so self conscious and with this I don't have to be! I hope it can work for you as it has worked for me. If not, like I said MAC has a great return poilcy. Good luck!

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Mariana C.

Awesome primer! My makeup stays on the entire day and, if I sleep with my make up on, the other day everything is in its place! And my lid doesn't get ugly! LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!