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this is a matte brownish plum shade, perfect for giving a little warmth or softness to a smokey eye. I think people would get alot of use with this shade for the fall months.

nice fluffy brush

I don't use this for my lips, I use it for my face. this is a great travel friendly brush I use for my under eye area, after I pat and blend my concealer I like to use this brush to lightly sweep away excess concealer that had seep into my under eye creases. it is perfect, nice and fluffy and not stiff like most lip brushes are.

I like it

I've always been apprehensive about using stick concealer, but hearing the good reviews gave me a change of heart. it covers my dark circles but I wish it was a little easier to blend. Here's a tip to make the product creamier, grab a hairdryer and hold it over the product for 20 seconds it melts the concealer just enough that application is smooth and doesn't tug on the skin.

not a fan

this product to me had zero coverage, it was way to sheer so I was a bit disappointed. I'm glad I got this on sale for five bucks instead of the regular price of twenty bucks. I do think this makes an okay brightener because of the salmon tint to it, so by itself I think it not really that great but applying this over a yellow based concealer for a more natural look works. would I buy this again, I don't think so simply because I'm not in love with it.

good for touch ups

this a good concealer is carry in my purse because the salmon color helps with dark circles and also does not seep into my fine lines as did the maybelline dream lumi ( that stuff was harder to blend and wanted to crease like crazy) over I'm happy with my purchase and is perfect for touching up your undereye area when your on the go.

love it

best drugstore concealer I have found. covers without seeping into fine lines too much, the only downside is you do have to make touch ups through out the day but hey most makeup has the same downside. I love how easy they made it for everyone to figure out thier shades. the one's ending with "0" are yellow based and the one's ending with "5" are pink based, so this makes picking out a concealer just that much easier.

I love this

the only shade I've tried was hibiscus but boy it is pretty berry color, it like the natural color of my lips only a little deeper. I am really sad to see the natureluxe line being discontinued, it makes me wanna cry because it feels like I just discovered it.

I enjoy this foundation

I love the smell of this foundation, it is very light and dewy so this is good foundation to use on those hot summer days when you don't feel like applying a lot of makeup. I am sad to see this being discontinued.

I love it!

I was pretty undecided on which palette to get, the lorac unzipped or the urban decay naked 3 palette. luckyly sephora was sold out of the naked 3 which gave me a chance to really look at this particular palette. I swatched all the colors of both palettes on my hands and noticed the rose colored shades of naked 3 just kinda blended in with my skin and most of the shades were glittery. To me the unzipped palette kinda seems like a 'grown up' way to do a nude eye without having the frosty shades of the other palette. so I decided on the unzipped palette, and LUCKLY is was 20% off so instead of 42 dollars I paid $32. at first when I applied the shades to mu eyes I was a little scared it would've been too warm for my cool undertone but wow did these colors make my green eyes pop! it's sooo pretty, this was my first lorac purchase and I gotta say I'm curious to try some of their other products.


I love this palette! it makes my eyes pop all the colors but my favorite color is the last color on the green side of the palette, it is brown shade with green and red flecks of color entwined. I heard that color was a dupe for mac's club eyeshadow.

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