NatureLuxe Silk Foundation


Nancy-Lee C.
Best CoverGirl product I have used to date!

So I have mixed feelings when it comes to 'natural' cosmetics. As much as I stand behind the philosophy of the products, they lack staying power because they are missing all of the 'bad stuff'.

I'm not a foundation wearer. I usually mix NARS Illuminating serum with my Clinique DDMG and dust my t-zone with loose powder. As I turn the corner a little closer to 40, I'm on a quest to find the perfect sheer coverage that doesn't look ashy over my freckles and sun damage.

I used CoverGirl with Olay products as recently as last summer but it honestly was not the right formula for me. Still my chief complaint was that it ran away quickly - the transfer to my cell phone as well as shine breakthrough was within 30 minutes.

So I see ads for NatureLuxe SPF 10 - liquid silk with a barely there feel. *hummm* It's 20% off @CVS, I'll bite. I'm pretty pale but not ivory, so I chose #310 Flax. My first impression is of the vessel. I like the inverted squeeze tube. It is very thin so it will slip into your cosmetic case easily. There is a window that not only reveals the shade of the product, it allows you to see the remaining amount. The twist cap locks TIGHT. The foundation will not leak out and this cap will not work it's way off of your tube and make a mess.

What is liquid silk? "The hint of jojoba oil and cucumber water, gives flawless, luxurious coverage with barely there feel." ORLY? So I pop open the 1floz tube and squeeze a very small amount onto my finger tips and gently and gently rub them together to distribute the product for application. I use my fingers for this application not a brush. I am pleasantly surprised how velvety smooth it is. Bravo CoverGirl! It was easy to apply, blended in cleanly without VFL, looked natural, felt like powder and gave me an instant matte finish. I looked very uniform in colour - I suffer from Rosacea so I am pink here and pale there - and touched up with powder only twice during the day. Most importantly to me, I did not look like I was trying to cover my freckles, it gave me the finish I was after.

I have worn it a few days now. I have to admit, out of 5 stars, I give it a 4.5. Most of the CoverGirl products I rate receive a 3.5 because they do not have staying power. However, this is the exception to that rule. I had a very small amount of transfer to my phone and when I touched my face, I did not come away with 3 pounds of foundation under my nails. You know what I'm talking about!

I will definitely buy this again and I highly recommend it. For about $10 it's proof good for you can be good for your wallet too!

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Amarri S.

For my 1st time wearing any foundation in 4yrs, this did it's job! I have combination skin(more dry than oily) and this blended very well. The color was also on point. Didn't leave me looking ashy!

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Angela O.
Light to Medium Coverage

I was looking for a foundation that would give me light coverage - something to just even out my skin tone - and I am so glad I decided to try this out. It is super easy to apply. I have used a duo fiber brush as well as just applying it with my fingers in a rush. No problems with blending or streaking and once it dries, it feels like I'm not even wearing foundation. I freaking love that! This foundation has a semi-matte finish, which is great for those looking for a 'summer glow'. It does have a cucumber-y scent, but that didn't really bother me as it dissipates quickly. The packaging is great! I love the little squeeze tube - it makes it so easy to not waste any product, as this is a little pricey for a drugstore foundation. Price aside, I think it's worth it since I only need a small amount and it should last me quite a while.

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Yasmin K.
Recieved a sample

I received a sample of this product in 320 Aspen and 340 Maple. Maple was a closer match to my skin tone that Aspen but still has way too much orange to be a good match.

It's advertised as "light-as-air" feel and I have to disagree. I can feel it on my skin and it feels oily. It does have a more sheer coverage than their normal line but it still felt heavy on my skin.

I've only had this one for about three hours and it's already "melting" off my face especially around my nose and mouth. I feel like I need to break out some blotting tissues and reapply a bit of powder.

I disliked this product for how it feels on my skin and how it needs to be touched up so soon after applying.

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Jesse R.
Best of all foudations

Ive used all other covergirl, revlon, almay and maybeline foundations but this one by covergirl was by far the best!

I have a very fair complexion and any foundation i ever tryed always looked orange on me, ive always got the lightest shade but this one was the best at maching my skin.

This looked very natural on my skin and felt like i had no makeup on!

It lasted soo long too!

One day i went to walmart to buy a new one and i couldnt find it anywhere, so i said hmm ok, it must be sold out, went to another walmart, wasnt there. Went to shoppers, wasnt there, asked the worker why there was none she said it was discontinued.. I was so disaapointed ive been trying all different brands of foundations since then and never found one i liked yet.. Was looking for about a year now, so unhappy

Smitty S.
Love it!!!

I absolutely love this foundation! Its very fresh smelling and has a really light finish. I love the fact that a pea sized amount goes an amazingly long way with this foundation. this makeup also doesn't cause me to break out so much.

shandy e.
Really Surprised!

I was given this product to test and to share my opinion. To be quite honest, it is not a product I would have otherwise considered. I did like that it is natural and made without irritating chemicals. I gave it a try and was pleasantly surprised! The coverage was excellent and the color was a perfect match. It wore well, looked wonderful and did not cause my skin to breakout. I have since purchased this product twice, as it is my favorite everyday foundation!

Cassandra M.
amazing product!

I would like to start off by saying I am not a big fan of covergirl makeup, except for their Lashblast mascara. I tried this out when it first came out and I immediately fell IN LOVE. this foundation is amazing, it's more of a tinted moisturizer and foundation mixed together. It has great coverage and leaves my skin looking flawless and smooth with a super silky feeling finish. I have pretty oily skin and it lasts a while, I like to set it with my MAC mineralize skinfinish natural and it makes for the perfect flawless face! Another great thing about it is even though it provides good coverage, it still feels extremely light on my skin and doesn't make me break out at all, like a lot of foundations do! I am extremely impressed with this foundation :)

Aisha D.

I was starting to think that there was no such thing as a drugstore foundation to would match me, let alone have almost everything that I look for in a foundation. The color is spot on, the finish is nice and satiny, and it lasts all day long:) Covergirl finally got it right!

Ebony C.

Being new to foundation and make-up in general, i purchased this product not knowing what to expect. I was surprised at how lightweight it feels, doesn't dry my skin out, or make it too oily. Feels like I have nothing on and lasts quite a long time - without a face primer. Blends well and easy to match to your skin tone. The SPF10 is great for summer. I recommend this as a summer foundation because it is so lightweight and is not much fuss or hassle in the summer and takes a while to sweat off in high-humidity places. Quite cheap, I picked it up for $7-8 at priceline.