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Mary Anne M.
Comparable in Quality to Urban Decay & Kat Von D Eyeshadows

This caught my eye because the color selection is very similar to Kat Von D's True Romance Eyeshadow Palette in Ludwig, which also contains neutrals and wearable greens in matte and shimmer finishes, but costs 8 times more!

The WnW is a great starter palette, because the shades are wearable, the pigmentation is stellar, the texture is soft and silky and not overly powdery, and one of the definer shades is an unusual brown with aqua/green reflective shimmer, which the Kat Von D palette does NOT have and is very similar in shade and sheen to Urban Decay's Lounge eyeshadow single. The WnW Comfort Zone palette is also versatile in that you can choose for a subtle natural daytime look with 2 or 3 of the shades, add a pop of green color for something a little off-beat, or create a dramatic, smokey, night time look.

Cheap and sub-standard packaging design aside, the only thing that keeps this palette from being perfect is that the green eyelid shade does not have great wear time; it does fade into a neutral color after about 3 hours of wear, even with primer. Otherwise, this $5 palette is a gem!

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Melissa C.
~beautiful colors~

This collection is amazing! The shades are very pigmented and bold. They are silky smooth and so blendable. There are many different looks you can get out of the collection, wether it may be a day look or an evening look it can be accomplished with these shades. It is also good for beginners as well as advanced make up lovers. The back of these palettes have different number sequences so the user can create different looks without really even trying, it's sorta like paint by numbers! I would defently recommend adding this palette to you collection as well as the others.

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Victoria D.
Great buy

Even if you aren't planning on using these daily, they're still an amazing buy. You get 8 shadows for $4.99 (Price at my cvs) and they're incredibly pigmented for a drugstore eyeshadow. When I first got mine, of course I dug my brush into it, trying to get as much shadow as I could because I didn't expect it to have a lot of color, but whoa, was I wrong. I actually needed to clean off my brush and try again with less shadow xD They're great to have laying around, and some of the colors included are truly unique! Especially for a drugstore find! These palettes give you everything you need to be neutral, dramatic, smokey, or just playful. Extremely versatile!

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Jessica D.

These are the best Eyeshadows at the drugstore. Hands down. And they're so inexpensive!! I love all of the different palettes, but this is my most used because I'm a huge neutral lover. They are so pigmented, soft, and long wearing. I LOVE THEM!

Lisbeth L.
Love it!

I purchased this a couple of years ago. I love this palette since i like to do neutral looks. I love how pigmented the shadows are and how easy they are to work with. Also its veryyy affordable. wnw eyeshadows are my favorite drugstore eyeshadows and i recommend this palette.

Jodie M.
I love this palette!

All of the shades are beautiful and pigmented.I like the fact that I can mix and match the shades and create different looks.The packaging isn't too great but the product itself is amazing.

Julianne J.
UD dupes at the drugstore!

Once I noticed these were getting a lot of attention awhile back I had to see what the commotion was about! I love that these 8 pans have a lot of product- 8 wide wells. The shadows are creamy and buttery- so soft and pigmented just a tap will give you plenty of shadow to play with-if you accidentally dig, you'll have kicked up too much. Love how cheap they are, and the color selections. The neutrals on the left are gorgeous, and the duochrome shade looks amaze over a black base- and like Mary Anne M. said, its def. a dupe of UD's Lounge e.s. The right side with greens I have yet to play with, but I plan on creating an olive smokey eye by patting the greens over my Stila Smudge Pot in Black. These are so versatile and feel high end. These and the e.s. trios/singles were really the start of Wet n Wild's rise to popularity. Love their new shadow formulas!

Sarah A.
Lots of pigment

These are heavily pigmented, and are pretty close dups to some high end shadows. This is my go-to everyday shadow palette--because it is cheap enough to have one in my purse all the time.

Jackilynn S.

The colors on this palette are amazing and bold. They are nice and very rich.. Which I absolutely <3 It has a great fall/summer wear in my opinion.. And the colors work amazing for a dinner or an evening event. You can dress up or down withthis palette

Alejandra G.

Great drugstore palette! The color pay-off is amazing considering it is drugstore brand. All the colors are very wearable and have shimmery finish to them. It is very affordable so i would really recommend it!

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