NatureLuxe Gloss Balm


Amy N.
The perfect blend of gloss and balm.

I have five of these. It's ridiculous; I'm addicted. But the Gloss Balms are so fabulous. The pigment is fairly intense depending on the color (some are sheer, some are shimmery) which is nice. I think I'm picking up two similar colors but they appear very different on my lips. The balm works about as well as your standard lip balm. The gloss doesn't come off as easily as others. They do smell lipstick-y at initial application but the smell fades in ten minutes or so.

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Melanie G.

This is not as great as other balms I've tried, but its okay. I would agree with Nancy's comment below that it does have that Bonnie Bell-esque smell to it, which reminds me of a cheap lip balm. The one thing I really like about this is the pigmentation (the one I got is "Marble"). I'm not a fan of lipsticks or lip color, so the pigmentation of this balm is perfect (if you like a lot of color on your lips, this may not be the balm for you). I also like how this is a gloss and balm in one. This is not long lasting at all, however, and not that great at moisturizing.

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Robi n S.
I love this

the only shade I've tried was hibiscus but boy it is pretty berry color, it like the natural color of my lips only a little deeper. I am really sad to see the natureluxe line being discontinued, it makes me wanna cry because it feels like I just discovered it.

Dinah D.

I used this product for like a straight year in Clove. I absolutely LOVE it. It's the perfect mix between a hint of color and shine. A little goes a long way and I can easily fit it into my back pocket. I should buy this again...

Nichelle H.

This is my new favorite lip product. I have been trying to find a tinted balm recently and everything has been either too chalky or too sparkly. So when I found Natureluxe I was so happy that it hydrates my lips so well. Just a bonus, everyone loves the colors.

Lauren J.

I love these gloss balms cause they are smooth and they don't taste too sweet and they aren't thick and they make your lips look flawless!!! this product will definatley complete ANY look

Lauren J.

I love this!it is soooooooooo smooth and the color goes on so good it makes your lips softer and smoother.I think everyone should go out and buy this it is only 6$ and something a very good buy

Andrea M.

great product! easy application, glides on comfortably. gives the perfect hint of color and feels very light on the lips. the ingredients are friendly, i didn't develope an allergic reaction to this product. can't wait to go purchase some more shades!

Chrissy S.

This product works very well, and feels more of a lip butter than a lip balm! They feel super-creamy and have more coverage than a tinted lipbalm. They are very slim in packaging (not a lot of unnecessary bulk), making it easier to put them anywhere!

Annabel L.
just use is as a balm

i really like this one. it has a really smooth finish, SPF, nice scent (to me), and the packaging is okay. the only thing that you might not like is its sheerness. it's basically just a slightly tinted lip balm, or for people who just started makeup