Regenerist Eye Touch of Concealer Eye Regenerating Cream


Angel A.

Once this product sets, it does moisturize nor offer any coverage. Putting concealer over it causes it to roll up and cake. I got this as a sample with another Olay product. I would never purchase it, and only wear it around the house. I like most Olay products which is why this got more than 1 star.

Robi n S.
not a fan

this product to me had zero coverage, it was way to sheer so I was a bit disappointed. I'm glad I got this on sale for five bucks instead of the regular price of twenty bucks. I do think this makes an okay brightener because of the salmon tint to it, so by itself I think it not really that great but applying this over a yellow based concealer for a more natural look works. would I buy this again, I don't think so simply because I'm not in love with it.