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I absolutely love this mascara! I bought it since it was the cheapest tube at the store, so I definitely did not expect much from it. I was so suprised! It lengthens, thickens, and does not clump! Why don't more people know about this stuff?? lol

Love the formula, not the brush

The mascara is great. Makes my lashes look longer and thicker. However, the brush is pretty bad. It takes some effort to get the great effects of this mascara with the crappy brush it comes with. I will have to buy another wand to replace it

No plumping here :(

I really wanted this to work on my tiny lips. I've tried multiple application methods and I never see any results. I do feel a slight tingly burning sensation so I think it's working, but my lips still look exactly the same.

The best!

I love this brand of lipstick so much. Very cheap, but still very good quality. The colors are gorgeous! My favorite is Dollhouse Pink; it's super bright neon pink on me and I just love it. I love the matte finish they give. It can be a little bit drying because it is matte, but a thin layer of chapstick before the lipstick helps with that a lot. This lipstick lasts a very long time, which is the best part of all!

I like it

I just bought this blow dryer a few weeks ago and like it so far. It was really cheap so that was great. One of the main reasons I picked this one is because it has a cool button (it was kind of hard to find one with it) and I don't use heat on my hair. I put it on high and hold the cool button, and my long & thick hair is dry in about 15 minutes!


I really wanted this to work better than it did. It did condition my hair well, but not anywhere near the results I get with other deep conditioners and hair masks. I don't hate it, but I will not be repurchasing it.

Beautiful waves

I love this thing. It creates big, beautiful waves that last until you wash your hair. It is very big though, and I did burn my shoulder the first time using it because of this. But once you get used to the size it is very easy to use.

My favorite!

This stuff really does work miracles. It's my favorite conditioner by far! It leaves my hair so soft and silky and completely heals any damage my hair may have. Plus, this stuff smells amazing, which is just a little added bonus. My hair always feels, looks, and smells fantastic. I cannot recommend this enough! It's super cheap too, which is the best part of all!


The colors are beautiful and matched together very well. When used with a primer, these shadows last forever and I never have a problem with them! Also, on the back there's a little picture showing where to apply the colors on your lids to create a smokey eye which is helpful

A great product

I used to use this mascara when I was too young to wear normal black mascara. I remember it was a little on the watery side, but I still loved it! I still use it sometimes on my eyebrows to make sure they keep their shape all day long. Works like a charm!

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