Pink Ion Full Size Dryer

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Maressa H.
I like it

I just bought this blow dryer a few weeks ago and like it so far. It was really cheap so that was great. One of the main reasons I picked this one is because it has a cool button (it was kind of hard to find one with it) and I don't use heat on my hair. I put it on high and hold the cool button, and my long & thick hair is dry in about 15 minutes!

Sykora P.
pretty good

I got this about 1 year or 2 ago and its great especially since I have thick curly hair , but the attachment falls off , theb again I might not be pressing against hard enough

Kally B.
The Death Of Me

I got this at a beauty salon ..and let me tell you after like 2 months of this it like made the most dreadful loud noise!! It just completely stopped and wouldnt turn back on.. i googled what was wrong with it and it turns out the back of it needs to be cleaned often because it can get clogged with this weird..dust lookin stuff. Anyway. HELL no i would never purchase this again.

Jasmine R.

This is mine! Except mine has nail polish all over it, ahah. Works super good, attachment is great for side swept bangs if you have them, like me. (: If i remember correctly, it's hi tech as to where it drys your hair without over drying. It keeps the necessary moisture in your hair.

BeautybyA J.
It's cute
Photo of product included with review by BeautybyA J.

I love the color, I mean who doesn't like pink! It heats up pretty fast when you're on high setting, but I have thick hair so it takes a while to dry. I've had other hair dryers but the downside of this one is that even on the high setting it doesn't have much force, for instance it just blows kind of slow.

- Amy

Amanda L.
Works for my needs.

I have had this hair dryer for a few years. I have never had any issues with it. Almost every other hair dryer I have ever had over heats and shuts off before my long thick hair is even half dry. I then have to let the hair dryer cool down before I can continue drying my hair. I go through hair dryers every six months or so. LOL but not this one! I have never had a problem with it at all and I think I have had it for about 3 years now!

Erica W.
i really love it.

My previous blow dryer was small and no where near as good as this. My best friend seen my old one in action,and gifted me with this one. I have no problems. and i love the color!

Elisha R.

Ive had this blow-dryer for forever! It takes a while for it to blow dry all of my hair though. I bought a new one that would blow dry my hair faster since my hair is thick. Really liked it though. But it was time consuming for me since I have thick hair. Recommend for anyone that has thin hair. :)

Chelsea L.

I have this and i love it ,i would buy it if i was you ...the heat is just right i couldnt ask for more.....I heard poor reviews before buying this and I don't understand what was wrong with those people. I LOVE it and not because it's pink. It does a great job for drying and it has last me over a year. Once it breaks down I will buy it again!

Sandra S.
i had this blow dryer for about 3 years..

This blow dryer served me well for about 3 years.. I loved it so much.. it started sparking towards the end so decided it was time to put it to rest.. haha but I love it!