Ceramic 3-Barrel Jumbo Weaver


Maressa H.
Beautiful waves

I love this thing. It creates big, beautiful waves that last until you wash your hair. It is very big though, and I did burn my shoulder the first time using it because of this. But once you get used to the size it is very easy to use.

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Rachel D.
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Good tool,cheap price. you can get it almost anywhere. heat adjustble. waves look beachy and sexy when finished and the look doesnt take to long. Be careful not to set the iron on anything that may melt or burn! i made that mistake myself opps ;)

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Jasmin A.

Love it!!! Cheap easy and cute! I have thick hair so it takes me a little longer, but it's all worth it. I pre heat for about an hour and it holds all day. I get compliments all the time. It's a must

Julia F.

I love this styling tool. I got mine for less than $15 and it really works. It creates the perfect beachy/ mermaid waves if you don't leave it in too long. If you want a more crimped hair look, hold it in longer. Trust me, it will not look like the crimped hair you rocked when you were 10. It's a more wearable and grown up version. People were complaining that it's heavy, but I don't find it heavy. I would use it more often but it is time consuming, especially if you have long hair like I do.

Dallas Lynne S.

I absolutely love this styling tool. I was looking for a hair waver that was cheep for awhile and actually found this on at Walmart for only $15. Thinking since it was so cheep it wouldn't work very well but I found it does. This makes very defined waves and I absolutely love it! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a waver with a tight budget.

Bianca I.

I have been looking for one of these for months now! And I was SO excited to find one. The price was just right too! It's a nice tool and creates a gorgeous wave. Can't wait to use it when the weather is warmer and I can sport a wavy do on the beach (:

Shannon M.
It's OK

I love the size waves it creates, but it creates a big dent in my hair at the top every time I close it. I also agree with everyone else that it is very heavy, and very time consuming. If I were looking for a crimper tool like this I would shop around for a different brand.

Tyana C.

I love the barrel. It's perfect for beach waves in the summertime. I dont use it often so Im going to sell my. But I so love it. It's awesome

Sarah G.
Perfect For Spring!

I love this 3-Barrel! It gives you the perfect beach like waves. The only downside is that the Jumbo Weaver is a little on the heavy side. It doesnt wear ya down or anything, but I would like to feel it a tad lighter.

All in all... I love it!

Shelly T.
Hello, waves.

I like the wavy effect this gives to the hair; it doesn't look much like your hair's been crimped. I also like the price; it's a very affordable option. On the downside, it is very heavy, and it can be tiring on the arms after using it for a while.

Personally, I think it will work better for those with longer hair (i.e., past the shoulders). If it's shorter, you may want a smaller iron. (Revlon does make a smaller version.)