Clear Mascara

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Bella G.

I absolutely love this mascara! It's great for blonde girls who don't wear tons of eye makeup. It also works as a brow gel, which is great. I recommend this to anyone. The only catch was I found it didn't hold all day long. Otherwise, it's a great product!

Katie W.

This product works great for brows but not for your lashes. I see a difference with separation in my brows, but doesn't give definition to my eye lashes. It doesn't have the power to hold a curl in your lashes, but as I said, works great for brows.

Annika R.
Keeps my eyebrows in place!

This product is wonderful for my eyebrows! My eyebrows are very unmanageable and this clear mascara has kept my eyebrows in place well but did not make them feel hard and gross but did the job and my eyebrows did not budge one bit all day. It also cleans off my eyebrows effortlessly. There is a good amount of product and the wand is great and small enough so I can easily shape my eyebrows. It's crazy inexpensive as well only $4! Geary product I love it!

Cheez H.
I love this

I use it every day, because black/colored mascara is too dark for me. I just love the effects it gives my lashes. It doesn't flake or crack or make my lashes dry in any way.

Nicole K.
Great !

This is a inexpensive great eyebrow gel! It works really well to keep you eyebrows in place for a great amount of time ! never spend lots on your eyebrow gel !

Renay T.

I use this to set my brows sometimes, or even on days when I don't feel like having heaps of mascara on!

As a brow gel : It works fairly decent. As far as taming the brows, it works well. It hardly does anything to set the product underneath it in place, though.

On my lashes, I love the way it makes them look! Very natural. I have long black lashes to begin with so with just a coat of this on and I'm set! Great for those natural days :)

Sally B.
Love this

I tried this and I absolutely love this! It's also great for younger people who aren't allowed to wear makeup to school. The only thing I don't like is that it makes the tips of my lashes white

Rachel K.
Love this as a brow gel

It's a very great product if your thinking of purchasing it. I personally use it for my brows and it does an amazing job. My brows stay in place all day

Madison T.
Perfect!!! Buy it !!

Favorite clear mascara!! I tried this one and a cover girl one and this was FAR better! Buy it while you can :) it's the best thing everrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it so much

Emily I.
Love it as a brow gel!

I never buy expensive brow gels/waxes because this is all I need! I brush it on my brows after I fill them in, and once it dries, it stays all day. This product is pretty much a classic and I doubt I'll ever use anything else!