Too Faced

Lip Injection Extreme


Edie S.
This lip plumper works!

I love all of Too Faced's products, but this one is probably at the top of the list. I take medications that make my lips so chapped. I have used every lip balm, stick, etc. but my lips still look bad after I apply my lipstick. This gloss fills out all the wrinkles in my lips. It does burn a little, but I love the results and the tingling doesn't last for long. I can wear this over any other colored gloss or lipstick and my lips look great!

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Meagan D.

I've got pretty small, thin lips. I have searched everywhere for a good lip plumper and I was constantly disappointed. I was skeptical when I was deciding to buy this one, but after using it I'm totally sold. It does burn a little, but personally I like the tingle. My only qualm is that if it isn't applied pretty perfectly, lip shape can be a little out of whack, although it's easy to cover up with lip stick. Make sure you've got a stead hand. Besides that I love it!

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Helen M.
wouldnt buy it

after viewing the picture of what the prouct does on the model I do not see any differance in her lips only thing I see that they are super glossy . no plump for that price I rather just get the elf lip plumper and call it a day sorry but that lip injection is a joke i wouldnt waste a penny buying it unless it proves me wrong I would need a sample then maybe will have a change of mind

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Jen R.

My absolute favorite lip plumper of all out there. This may be a bit more intense for some people, and for them I'd recommend the regular lip injection which I also love. But this extreme version is my favorite hands down. Love the scent. Love the tingling. Love the way it makes my lips look so full and luscious. Really love how moist my lips still feel even after hours of wear.

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Stephanie D.

This lip plumper is awesome and really works! I love putting it on before bed time & lips feel plush & soft in the morning. I like this version better than the other lip plumper they have because it's not sticky and is MADE for morning and night time.

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Christine R.
It works

I really like this product. Shortly after applying I can feel the tingling and my lips swelling. I also use it after using a lip stain and it looks nice and glossy. I just wish it lasted a little longer, and I also wish the bottle was shaped differently because it's hard to get all the product out.

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Nancie H.

I have tried MANY different plumpers only to find they feel different but don't really do anything. I have to tell you this is the ONLY one that I have seen actual results with. Apply and wait to see how incredible this is...then apply your favorite lipstick and flaunt your kissable lips.

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Mary B.
Great product

This one works! My lips look and feel so much better. I love wearing it alone, but it really looks nice over a nice matte. The effects are instant and long lasting!

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Melanie B.
probably the only plumper i ever liked

i used to use this product every day and really saw a nice difference in the appearance of my lips. probably the biggest bonus was that since this increases blood flow to the area, it gave my pale lips had more color! i've since moved on to lipsticks and embracing my natural lip shape and size, but this was the only one i've ever used that made a difference in lip size!

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Corinne M.
Plumped pout

This lip gloss serum is a treatment to help plump up lips and has a slight tingle to it which I love! It really does work to plump lips. I've tried so many plumbers but none have even come close to this one. Thanks Too Faced for this product!!

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