Beauty Product Reviews

Cute and Convenient. LOVE!

I bought theMaybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegranite Punk. I am loving it. It doesn't budge and has great pigmentation. It's perfect for busy days in which you need to rush out the door. It's easy to apply and it still looks great! If you're into the MAC Paint Pots, this product is really something to check out. Both products have the awesome creamy texture that's really easy to use and both last all day. I think that the biggest differences are the color selection and, most definitely, the price tag. The Maybelline has both neutral and really colorful shades to choose from, while the MAC sticks with very neutral colors. For ever Paint Pot you Purchase, you can get three of these Maybelline shadows. Overall, this is an awesome product, and the price makes it an absolute steal! I'm totally eyeing the Tough as Taupe. Hopefully I'll add it to my collection really soon!

I'm obsessed with Essie as a nail polish brand in general and Shine of the Times is absolutely lovely! I love the effect it gives and how versatile it is no matter the color. The foil effect definitely adds a wow-factor to any color. It's easy and really gorgeous! Love this!

Not Worth the Dollar.

The only positives to this brush is that it's smaller, which gives you better control, and the angle, which you can find with a lot of other, BETTER brushes. If you're really on a budget, this brush will suffice, but don't count on it to last you. From casual use, the brush broke (the head came off the handle) in about a month. I wouldn't suggest buying this if you have the money to invest in a better quality brush.


I love love love this toothpaste! It really whitens your teeth and I can definitely feel the enamel renewal. I haven't been using it since I've been home for the summer from school and I'm definitely feeling the enamel wear - totally regretting it. This is a great whitening line all together. And it doesn't hurt that this toothpaste has a great taste to it! Hands down, my favorite.

I have really short lashes and this mascara definitely lengthened and filled them out! However, I didn't really experience a curl at all. Regardless, this is my current favorite (I haven't tried too many higher end mascaras, to be fair)!

Great Primer!

I really like this primer! It's the first one that I've ever tried and I had a very positive experience with it. It has a silicone-y, silky smooth texture - so if you're into that kind of feel, the product is definitely for you (I've heard that some people don't like it, I personally don't mind). It goes on very airy and light. Regardless of texture, it definitely is a product that works!

Good Drugstore Mascara!

I like this as a drugstore mascara, it has a great consistency and goes on great, but it don't see that it really lengthens or volumizes my lashes too much. I don't see that it smudges or anything throughout, so it's wearability is pretty good. Overall, it's a relatively good product that does the job, but I wasn't overly impressed by it.

Great for All-Day Makeup!

I love using this for busy days! I find that I don't really need to touch up during the day after setting my makeup with this product! It really works!

I bought this palette because I wanted some fun colors to play with for the summer. I LOVE IT. The pigments are great - they really show up true to the color on my skin and have great durability, even without primer. The bold colors are really fun, and surprisingly wearable. There are some really in-your-face colors (Fishnet, Honey, Ransom, Graffiti, and Peace), but it's evened out but the more common, everyday colors (Zero, Shag, Scratch, and Underground). Overall, it's a great palette for anyone looking for bold, colorful pigments.

An Adorable, Fun Lip Balm!

I was initially draw in to the adorable packaging of this product! I purchased the sweet mint sphere which smells amazing and tastes great!! Sometimes I just take it out to sniff it (no judgement, please)! It moisturizes like any regular lip balm, so I wouldn't say that it's anything special in that regard. The flavor and novelty of it is really what makes it stand out. And though the packaging is super cute, it can be inconvenient to carry in smaller purses or clutches. Overall, it's a really fun product!