Urban Decay

All Nighter Setting Spray


Taryn M.
Great Product

Keeps makeup from running, smudging, or fading! It's just another great product to help your makeup stay put!! I also use it to dampen my makeup sponge instead of using water. Love love!!

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Dharma W.
Water proof make up? you got it, in a bottle.

I used to set with powder. Powder everywhere. The powder didn't work so great either... so when I went into Sephora helpless asking "how do I set my makeup, I need the BEST setting powder you have" and they handed me a bottle of this, I was confused to say the least.

This stuff is amazing. Any makeup you wear stays and stays, it makes it water proof if it's not, you don't have to prime you don't have to do anything, you just set and spray!

It lasts through crying, rain, rubbing, everything everything everything I've just never had this stuff fail. I want a travel size so I can keep it in my bag in case I have to touch up on the go. I love it! If I have to do my makeup on the run and I don't get to use my UD setting spray, I notice! my makeup rubs off even with the best setting powders I can find. This stuff is by far one of the best products I've ever used.

This, my Dior Show Eyelash Primer, UD liners, and my Dr. Jart's BB Cream, those are my 4 in-disposable makeup products.

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Felicia P.
REALLY sets makeup

I was so excited to try this spray as I was looking for a product to keep my makeup set without making me looking cakey, now I understand that this sets your makeup however I did not expect it to feel like hairspray on my face. It seemed to work fine until I tried to touch up my makeup and blend some fine lines and touching up with a little powder, boy was I lucky I was home when I tried this, by adding a little powder my makeup became super blotchy and looked HORRIBLE! I would say this will work great if you wont need to touch up throught the day however if you do then Id recommend sticking to something like fix plus.

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Eydís G.
I like!

This is one of the best setting sprays that I have tried personally, I went to a rave with my full makeup on left with a full face of makeup, This stuff does work through hard dancing and what not. I do recommend this if you're looking for something to set your makeup for an event of some sort, don't recommend for everyday use, afraid it will start clogging your pores after long term use.

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Morgan B.

I love this setting spray! It's perfect for helping makeup stay put on my oily skin. I often have 12+ hour days as grad student, and thanks to this stuff, my makeup stays put and I look put together.

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Niqui G.
Love this stuff.

So probably about a year and a half ago I was going to be going to Vegas and I stopped by my Urban Decay counter to see my friend who works there. He always cons me into buying new things. I was looking just to get some eye primer and he took this out. I have a problem with my foundation actually staying on my skin cause my skin is a bit dry even when using a primer. I went out that night to my favorite club and my make-up didn't move! It was amazing! Also my face usually gets really red when I've been dancing and because it lowers the temp of the make-up on your face it keeps your face cooler. I was barely red at all. My only problem is that I sometimes forget to put it on before I put on mascara and when I put it on after my mascara runs a bit but that's cause I don't use waterproof.

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Dynique S.

I use this every day. This is the first finishing spray I have used. And I am very impressed with this product. It helps my makeup look flawless. Another hit from Urban Decay.

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Jessi H.

This feels great going on, feels fresh and cools your skin but as far as keeping my makeup on I didn't really care for it. My foundation still melted off through off through out the day. My sister uses it also and loves it so I guess it just depends on the person.

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Les N.
my life saver

I have very oily skin and this saves my makeup. when I first got it I didn't think much of it but every time I go out this is a MUST! I recommend this product to everyone no matter what skin type.

Cristine E.

My makeup will seriously last all day with this spray. I use only about 4 pumps for my face and thats enough to get all angles of my face. Even even sometimes after I nap my face makeup is still intact. It definitely makes a difference!