3D White Advanced Vivid Enamel Renewal Toothpaste


Mimi L.

I love love love this toothpaste! It really whitens your teeth and I can definitely feel the enamel renewal. I haven't been using it since I've been home for the summer from school and I'm definitely feeling the enamel wear - totally regretting it. This is a great whitening line all together. And it doesn't hurt that this toothpaste has a great taste to it! Hands down, my favorite.

Kaitlin J.
Seriously whitens your teeth!

I'm a big coffee drinker and smoke (womp womp wompp. lol) so my teeth get pretty yellow which is so disgusting! After using this for the first time I could already see a huge difference. My teeth got pretty white by the time I finished the bottle. Sadly I wasn't able to go out and buy the same kind and they went back to being their tint, but just recently I got a brand new tube! Using this with the mouthwash also gives you better results!

Laurel A.
Never Using Regular Toothpaste Ever AGAIN!

The Crest 3D line is the only toothpaste I will use from now on. I like having my teeth pearly white, and this toothpaste does just what it says. The Crest 3D line is worth it!

Rina N.

The Crest 3D line is the only line that I feel comfortable buying and it does what it says! It removes stains that your teeth have and it does a marvelous smile. Don't expect pearly white teeth like celebrities but you can definitely expect a whiter smile than what your used too. All their toothpaste are great and I've heard the strips works wonder! Definitely recommend!! :)

Erika B.
i loved this toothpaste

i use to use this every day until after 2 1/2 months of use, two of my teeth chipped. i went to my dentist and she told me i need to discintinue using my currant tooth paste because my enamel was almost completely gone! i switched to crest prohealth, has some whitening but it focuses on gum and enamel health.