Bare Escentuals

Prime Time Foundation Primer


Jelly B.
Too Greasy to Hold Anything On My Face

This primer does the oppisite of its job. It shortened the wear of my foundation and allowed me to sweat right through my makeup. Maybe you need to use this product with a Bare Minerals foundation, but I was very unsuccessful with this product.

Ashley B.

I use the BB Tinted Prime Time and would definitely recommend it! I wear it instead of liquid foundation most days or under my foundation when I'm really getting dolled up. I only give it four stars because I don't feel it does anything special for my pores in particular.

Kimberly S.
This sux!

I hate this primer!! It's very gel like and flakes off right away!! When I put my foundation on top of it, it made my face look sooo blotchy! It's not just me, I used it on friends and we all despised it.

Johanne G.

I do not have very oily skin, this still does not last long on me! Every time I use this it peels off when I apply my foundation... I really hate this, it makes my skin look so bad! Try the Rimmel Foundation Primer instead, it is so much better!

Alli Rose G.
This did not work with my skin!

I inherited this from my mother. It's a very silicone based primer, extremely gel like in texture. I'd put in on and my face would feel kind of clammy. I have oily/combo skin. It just didn't mesh well. I'd put on foundation, within hours it'd start doing the final stages of breaking down on my skin. Like I'd worn it a full day. I got a $7 indie company primer and the foundations I have last so much longer now!

Erica H.

I am a primer addict i never use makeup without a primer. This is one of the best primers i have used. I use the original version because i find the other version to be crappy although i have oily skin. I use only a tiny drop and it helps my foundation stay in place!!

Mimi L.
Great Primer!

I really like this primer! It's the first one that I've ever tried and I had a very positive experience with it. It has a silicone-y, silky smooth texture - so if you're into that kind of feel, the product is definitely for you (I've heard that some people don't like it, I personally don't mind). It goes on very airy and light. Regardless of texture, it definitely is a product that works!

Donna T.
HD Primer!!

This is one of my two favorite face primers ever. This stuff is incredible. It's the first primer I ever used. The primer consistency is hard to explain.. it's almost like a clear gel that feels really super silky and smooth when you smear it on your face. I can literally see a difference in my face when I have this on and when I have nothing on at all. My skin looks more smooth. My makeup glides on and stays on all day. It's fantastic stuff!

Jackie S.

I can't live without this product - it is a night a day difference when I don't use this compared to when I do! Keeps my makeup in place all day long, and I have naturally oily skin! This product is a lifesaver. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Séana S.
Love this stuff!

It smoothes out my makeup application and allows me to even use less of my makeup. It keeps it put and matte all day and didn't break me out. Loving this stuff!