Beauty Product Reviews

I like it a lot

I have a oily skin and without setting spray, I feel like my makeup starts to slide off throughout the day. I bought this on impulse at Target since it was so cheap and I can't really complain! I spray this on after I put on all my makeup (minus mascara) and my makeup stays put through about 7 hours. I carry it with me for occasional touch ups I may have to do if I'm having a long day out and it refreshes my makeup. Now, the reason why I spray it on PRIOR to mascara is because the times I have sprayed it on with mascara on already, my mascara ends up smudging a bit under my eyes. I'd recommend this product, I don't have a problem with it as long as I 1. spray it before applying mascara and 2. I carry it with me for touch ups later in the day.

Everything about this is great except for the price. I honestly feel like I can get the same results using Rimmel's Sexy Curves mascara or Maybelline's Lash Stiletto mascara. Try the mini version of They're Real for yourself and see if you like it. I curled my lashes after applying the mascara and got long curled lashes.

2nd the buyer

I really enjoy this light fruity/powdery scent! The first time I bought it, I was in middle school and I felt like it smelled more powdery on me back then. I recently bought it again because I missed it, still smells great but this time I feel like it smells more fruity on me.

Impulse buy

The sales associate at Victoria's Secret brought this over for me to try and oh my! I had to have it! It is a sexy and seductive scent and I love it. The only downside is that I felt it didn't last the entire day, it seemed to fade after 3 hours.

It makes me sad

I bought this on a whim since it was $15 and regretted it the next day after opening it up. The scent reminds me of a funeral parlor and just makes me depressed. I don't like it. It does have cute cute packaging however.

I wish it was bigger!

I fly through this lovely scent like nothing! It's too expensive for its tiny size, but honestly I think I'll keep buying it anyway. It's a powdery smell that's feminine without being overpowering. It also lasts a significant amount of time (my entire school day) so I'd recommend it to anyone. I get lots of complements when I wear this, it's a beautiful smell.

One of my favorite signature fragrances

I've bought this twice already, I love how it smells! It's a subtle floral/powdery scent without feeling overly feminine. It doesn't last too long though which is disappointing. I wore this recently when I worked overnight on black Friday and I felt like the scent faded by the end of my (6 hour) shift.

Accidental love

My mom bought this for herself and didn't like how it settled on her, so she gave it to me to try. It's a very pungent floral scent and I honestly found it disgusting. As fate would have it, it ended up smelling absolutely FANTASTIC on me! Added plus, it lasts all day long!

Amazing Scent!

Unfortunately, I felt like it smelled like Dr. Pepper on me. Which isn't really what I look for when searching for a fragrance. It smells freaking AMAZING from the bottle however! I'm really sad it didn't work on me. It's a really fun and playful scent.

Mixed emotions

At first I wasn't sure how I felt about the scent when I sprayed it. After letting it settle, I decided I liked it enough to buy it. I tested it on myself again just incase and did not like how it settled on me the second time around. Needless to say, I still haven't purchased it but it does have a long lasting scent.

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