Harajuku Lovers



L K.
Smells as awesome as it looks :D

I love this fragrance, I got numerous compliments on it :) It is very sweet and different but in a positive sense. The bottle is literally too cute, it's really not overpriced, the smell stays on for more than a day... I just wish the bottles are bigger!

Michelle C.
I wish it was bigger!

I fly through this lovely scent like nothing! It's too expensive for its tiny size, but honestly I think I'll keep buying it anyway. It's a powdery smell that's feminine without being overpowering. It also lasts a significant amount of time (my entire school day) so I'd recommend it to anyone. I get lots of complements when I wear this, it's a beautiful smell.

Brianna H.
So cute!

First of all, I absolutely love the marketing and design of these bottles. They are so cute and unique. G smells very beachy or at least it does to me anyway. I love the smell! I love to use it in the summertime. It's very suitable for the season!

Marian R.
I Love this!

I collect perfume bottles and I absolutely love this bottle. The scent is fruity but not overwhelmingly fruity because I'm not much of a fruity scent kind of girl. The scent lasts for a good while on me unlike the other scents in the same collection. I LOVE this and have repurchased and will continue to as long as I can find it.

Marykate T.

This perfume smells like a fruity concoction. i hate it, it lasted me less than a month, which was fine by me because i never liked it any more than my first reaction which was "EW." i got it as a gift for christmas because i was told i look like the girl, but i do not want to smell like her! you just have to smell it for yourself. smell lasts pretty long though.

Aniko F.
Love the Smell

Although i love the smell of this parfum I hate the amount of product that you get. After like 3 uses the bottle is more than half gone! I think for the money the fragrance is nice but the oz of product could be more.

Ashley M.
Love this

It's my favorite perfume of all time would buy this again because has a fruity scent and sweet smell to .When i wear this i always get a lot of compliments on it Plus i love the packing on it so cute .

Nicki N.
Perfect summer scent

I'll be super bummed if I can't find this guy again. I love G, it reminds me of suntan lotion (in a very good way) Plus, the packaging is super cute. I've had this for close to two years and I'm almost out.

Sarihah M.

Love this product (All of the scents are my faves!) >.< the adorable doll faces, the sweet to fruity scents, what's not to like? Not only that but now they have clothes and jewlery too? Yes please!!!

Rachel W.

I love ALL of Gwen's perfumes they all smell good and are in the cutest bottles I always get compliments when I wear it. I had mine for a year and there's still plenty left. It's also great for travel because of the case it doesn't spill!