Juicy Couture

Couture Couture


Danielle F.
Love it! X

i had the Noir one for xmas and i love it! the scent is gorgeous & the box and the bottle itself is amazing and cute! i love everything about it! one of my fave perfumes i own! x

Sammy C.

This has been my favorite perfume since i got it in a gift set. There is no scent like it. Its a strong seductive smell and very pricy but its well worth it smallest bottle starts from 45 to around 80 love it so much.

Steph H.

My boyfriend got me the gift set for Christmas and I was mystified by the scent! It's strong and sexy but at the same time sweet and subtle. The shower gel and body lotion also both smell stunning and leave my skin feeling super silky. I'll definitely buy again.

Jacquelyn J.
My first Juicy Couture Fragrance!

I just bought this fragrance from Ulta since they are offering it for 50% off today! I adore the scent so much! You don't need to overapply this fragrance and only need a couple of spritz and your good to go.

Arait M.

It's a bit on the pricey side but its totally worth it. I love fresh and cripsy scents, but warms scents are my favourite and I think these two were brought together in this perfume. Its super girly but still delicate and strong. You don't have to reapply this , seriously it goes along way and the sent stays the same as when you put it on.

Delaney B.
Brings back memories!

I wore this perfume almost every day last year and whenever I wear it now, it reminds me of all these moments from last year! This perfume is almost like a memory keepsake for me! I wore it the other day, and my friend said that it reminded her of last year too. I think it's important to have a special perfume that brings back certain events in your life. It makes it that more special to wear it.

Candace P.

First off, how cute is this bottle? It smells sweet and isn't overpowering like other perfumes. It's a great 'everyday' perfume and very unique. I'm so obsessed that I even bought an atomizer, so that I could carry this everywhere I go. Definitely my fav!

Tiffany B.
Barbie Eat Your Heart Out!

This is girly and sweet wrapped up in a pretty pink ribbon... When I smelled this at Dillard's I was instantly taken back to being 7 yrs old and unwrapping my barbie and her accompanying solid Barbie Perfume... (for the life of me I cannot remember which doll gave it) ... When I spritz this on it's all I can think of is Pink and Barbie! It is so gorgeous smelling and not over-powering....It is long lasting and I have gotten so many compliments from total strangers walking into buildings or down the block wondering what it was and that it smelled so yummy! The bottle is gorgeous and a bit pricey ( I got it for X-mas in a gift set with lotion and body powder with pretty pink powder puff) but definitely worth it! It's in my top two scents and will always be... because I was always a "barbie girl" as a kid... haha

Ann E.
Smells great!

I remember getting the gift set a few days ago. I was madly in love with the scent the moment I received it. It smells really girly and is not too strong. The body shower and lotion smell fantastic as well! They leave my skin feeling soft and silky! Even though it is quite pricey, it's worth it. I guarentee that you will end up loving this perfume as much as I do!

Ali F.
one of my most favorite scents!

not only are the bottle adorable, but this scent is so gorgeous! it smells flowery but not too flowery. I didn't give it a full five stars because one squirt is just enough since it is a little strong. It could give you a headache.