Brit Eau de Toilette


Michelle C.
2nd the buyer

I really enjoy this light fruity/powdery scent! The first time I bought it, I was in middle school and I felt like it smelled more powdery on me back then. I recently bought it again because I missed it, still smells great but this time I feel like it smells more fruity on me.

Dharma W.
I love musky scents

I love musky scents, I have been known to wear cologne, and spicy notes excite me.

This is perfect for me! it's not too spicy, not too woodsy that I feel it's inapropriate for day time wear, but it's got warm spicy notes, and vanilla, making it a nice warm inviting scent. I get compliments on it a lot. I love this scent!

Bebe E.

I love this perfum for winter. It smells very sophisticated and elegant. I would not recommend this for teenager though. Everytime I put this on I get compliments on it.

Nana E.

I always get compliments when I wear this! I'm big into floral/fruity scents (like miss dior, viva la juicy, daisy by marc jacobs) and I'm definitely glad I added this to my collection.

Myrna P.

I think the smell is a bit overwhelming. I had to give it away because it just wasnt for me. I thought I would like it because I was told it had fruity smells. To each its own