Beauty Product Reviews

I love them! I always use them and I can't even imagine without them! They are amazing highlighter! But if you don't like shimmery highlighter, I would not recomend this highlighter. I think this is shimmery!

BEST MASCARA EVER! This mascara seriously makes my eye lashes look amazing! Actually I do have short yet lashes. But they give my eye lashes length and volume!!! I love it!

First of all, I do have Kinda a lot of acne so I need heavy concealer to cover them up and this concealer is amazing for me! Although the medium is kinda light for my skin tone, I do love this concealer still! But if you don't have anything have to be covered, this concealer might be way toooooo heavy. Seriously this concealer is so heavy. I still like it though!

I always use this powder after liquid foundation to set everything . I have tried a lot of powder in this year but This powder is absolutely my favorite! I always use powder brush by elf with this powder!

This brush is absolutely my essential for everyday! I always use this brush to put both of the liquid foundation and the powder one! This brush make my skin look so flawless ! Seriously this brush is amazing! It's $3! Why don't u just try them out?

I live this brush to put bronzer! It's kinda small but I lOve love love it!And also the price is sooooooo amazing ! Only $1! Ugh... Why don't you just buy it and try it?

I live it

I am in love with this product ! I have black one , brown, gold, white, purple. I love every single one but my favorite is brown one an white one.i usually use brown as base before I use powder eyeshadow.and it lasts all day . White one is perfect for inner corner! I'll dintely recomend those!