Beauty Product Reviews

smells great!

I have the parfume and the body spray. It's light enough to wear every day and has a sweet sexy smell. I always get compliments on it and it's inexpensive. They also have smaller sizes you can put in your purse. Even the little bottle is sexy!

Amazing range of color

This palette has the most amazing range in color. It has bolds, neutrals, soft colors, metallics, mattes, shimmers. It is their most versitle palette! I use it daily on myself, on photo shoots, at work, for weddings, for everything! The colors are so true and last a long time! They have a nice finish, blend well and go on with ease. I love bh, the price is amazing, I plan on getting all their palettes!


This makes my lashes so long people ask if they're real. You use it once daily on clean lashes and after a couple weeks boom longer lashes. I took befores but it wouldn't let me post both pics. Sometimes it makes my eyes itch after I put it on and sometimes it leaves a film but it's so worth it. In this pic I don't have mascara on.

great nude colors

Glamour For All is my favorite color! It's a wonderful nude with a touch of pink. It's amazing with smokey eyes!!! I love the colors but doesn't last super long. Don't put it on thick or it will last even shorter amount of time since it's so thick. I don't suggest putting a clear gloss over it cause it makes the gloss almost seperate.

Amazing true pigment

Lasts forever! True pigment, amazing range of colors! So blendable! Gorgeous finish! If you take three used , finished products you can get a free eyeshadow. I did this once, I don't know if they still do it.

was a little disapointed

Plush builds great volume, dramatic lashes, I love the brush but it flakes off ;( After a couple hours of wear it starts to crumble leaving mascars under my eyes and needing a retouch. Sadly I don't think I'll buy it again. If it didn't crumble I'd love it.

lasts forever

This wears forever!!! It doesn't come in lots of colors. It's on the thicker side so a moisturized face is a must other wise you risk putting to much on. Even though it's thick it feels light and still offers full coverage. It does not transfer on to clothes, great price! I definetly suggest you try it, you'll love it!

Super shinny, smells good!

I have just about every color and they all are super shinny, last a long time and most of them smell great. Some are sparkly, some are just tinted. I totally agree with Cat L. they are a magnet for nasty stuff in your purse!!!


This is a go to product! I love this lightweight moisturizer. It has spf which is so important, is not oily (many products with spf are oily!) and goes on so easy. I used this product instead of foundation or concealer for years cause it has great coverage ( I have pretty even skin with no blemishes so I don't need much coverage, not bragging just saying). My skin looks like its natrually perfect when I wear this and everyone comments on radiant skin. It only comes in a couple colors but does blend well. I feel it's a little expensive but worth it.

exfoliation and hydration

I love this stuff! The mask has little exfoliating beads in in that you rub your lips together and it gets off dried chapped skin. The longer you do it the smoother they become. Then you put on the Balm and your lips are smooth and so kissable. Make sure before you put on the balm that you get ALL the mask off otherwise it will drive you nuts. It's a great prep for lipstick!

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