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Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation


Natalie D.

I have my shade in ivory and it's FULL coverage. It's a long lasting foundation, satin finish. They're also in New packaging now, with more colors and finishes. Good foundation, best application technique is with a sponge, gone over with a brush.

Whiskey Y.

...it can get cakey super easily. It gives me somewhat medium finish with to layers, but those layers have to be pushed into skin very well, other way it's going to get messy. I usually use this when my skin is good, so I need very little of this, just to even out my complexion. But anyways I love it. It stays on. Has no SPF. And can be used on dry or oily skin.

Jacqlyn W.
Only thing I can use for my dry skin.

I've been using this on and off for about a year. I had a love/hate relationship with it. At first when I started using this I would apply it with my fingers or my Sephora Airbrush Pro Foundation Brush. It faded within a few hours and needed to be reapplied every so often. I stopped using it because it looked so tan on me; and I am NOT tan. I started using Tretinoin for my skin about 2 months ago and tried using my regular Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation for normal/dry skin. It instantly flaked off. I tried exfoliating before applyind and the same thing happened. I then looked through all my makeup and my mom's makeup. There it was. The Rimmel foundation. I put it on and no flakes. Just fresh looking skin. I had her pick up the shade Ivory since the second lightest shade was too dark. I now use this every time I need to wear foundation. I apply this using a stippling brush and the coverage is perfect! I do wish there were more shades, but I can blend this out to match my skin tone enough.

Gretchen V.
Literally the best drug store foundation.

For less than 6 bucks, this stuffs a steal. As long as you find a good moisturizer for your skin type, this stuff will blend great. I don't know if it literally stays on for 25 hours (I wouldn't advise you keep makeup on for that long anyway) but it does stay on for a long time.

Jenna W.
Perfect for me..

I bought this foundation after finding out that the company I used to rely on had for some reason darkened my regular foundation. I bought this for £5.99 just to last me until I found a suitable one, I did not expect this one to be so brilliant, especially at that price! It feels so light and moisturizing on your skin, yet has a fairly matte finish. The coverage is brilliant and it is easy to blend too! I now use this as my daily foundation, paired with rimmels ''Stay Matte'' powder and it is perfect for every day use. My skin is sensitive and it hasn't damaged it at all. It is also buildable if you want a full coverage foundation, although the coverage is already really good. Would definitely recommend this!

Julianne J.
Can't believe this is drugstore!

I'm not afraid to admit it- I'm a foundation noob through and through. I edged my way into face products via TMs and BBs and it was time to take the plunge into foundation. I can't pinpoint my slight aversion to foundation but now I'm mostly fine with it- and now that I've found an awesome one I feel better scouting out other ones. Not only am I more comfy with the thought of foundation but my skin has slightly worsened- so I have more need to cover my pores and pesky spots! This is only my second foundation too- my first being more of a practice one- my makeup school kit included Sorme Mineral Illusion liquid mineral foundation. Its very hydrating and smooth but takes forever to build up coverage- your best bet is a brush, buffing on many layers.

Anyway- I can't believe this is in the drugstore! For me, its perfect. I scouted out the reviews for this and they were overall good- something I always try to do before I get something. I think my inner foundation phobe liked the squeezey tube- so much like the TMs and BBs ( American) I had gotten used to. But as I said their coverage wasn't cutting it.

Although its only 1 oz there seems to be a ton of product packed in the little tube. I've only used it a handful of times and used quite a bit each time, so it might be on its last legs before I know it- which is fine because its cheap! ( And I'll cut that tube in half and get every last bit out:D). The whole on the squeezey tube is a little big so make sure you don't spill out too much. I like the texture- super creamy but with some drip, so it will slide a bit on the back of your hand as you use it as a palette. This seems to work best with the ELF powder brush (or the Sonia Kashuk Flat Blusher Brush) - you can easily pick up as much product as you need and buff it on. I like to take brush-fulls and spackle it on to each area of my face, blending the edges into one another. I'm aware that is a bit wasteful because the coverage is so good I might not even need to use that much, but whatevs. I'm still getting the hang of things and it works for me. Its such a satisfying feeling to, with one or two swipes, erase my annoying chin spots and obnoxious pores. I feel like I'm donning a mask- but this doesn't feel like one. It immediately dries down and leaves skin smooth and since I have dry skin and I usually exfoliate and moisturize as my prep step before foundation, no flaky patches show through- which has sometimes happened even when I've taken steps to prevent that from happening. I think this is great for dry skin as it moisturizes initially and for oily because it dries with an almost matte finish. 100 Ivory seems to match me well enough. It says it has an Aqua Primer built in but I like using the Rimmel London Fix and Perfect primer underneath, which I had basically deserted, and it seems to work just fine, and its a great way to use up a product you initially weren't amazed by. The foundation smells a little like sunscreen, which is fine with me. The one caveat I'm finding with Rimmel L. is the rose scent that is in a lot of the lip products- I'm glad its not in here. On second thought this does sting my face a tad- but it dissipates and I know this is crazy- I don't care if I'm a teensy bit allergic because I've found a pretty amazing drug store foundation- and that can be hard to find. Plus, I don't wear makeup on a regular basis so I am always giving my face a break from foundation, etc

Lastly, I have to mention that Rimmel London is consistently impressing me. I've gotten so many things from them across the board that have performed so well. Its fast becoming my go-to for mascara, liners, powders, glosses, lippies and so much more. I'm thinking they have improved their formulas to compete with other MU brands and if so, awesome! The quality is there, and you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get some great products!

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Minjee Y.
a good long wearing foundation for those with normal-oily skin

my skin type: DRY TO VERY DRY I bought this because I wanted to wear something that I could wear out at night or to a music festival and not have to worry about touching up. my HOLY GRAIL foundation was revlon's activewear light weight foundation which was in a squeeze tube as well but they discontinued it :( which sucks! ANYWAYS... I tried this out and right off the bat I could tell it was dry on my face. It leaves a matte finish and I bought the color 200 and it was too light but I didn't want to go to the next color because I thought it'd be too dark. I gave this foundation to my mom because she has oily skin and this helps with that and it lasts for a really long time. When I wore this foundation it lasted for more than 8 hours. I believe this is a transfer free foundation as well which is hard to come across in the drug store! I liked this product, but it was just not for me. I could see my dry skin on my forehead even when I exfoliated well.

Chloe H.
Firstly i have the uk version.

The best foundation I've tried! i had shade 301, beige? I think...I didn't need any concealer with it, it really made me look flawless although I payed the price as I found the '25hr' thing was a bit of a lie as when I went outside for any amount of time it went patchy. Although that was it's only fault and it's a reasonable price for what you get too! All in all a great drugstore foundation I would just recommend a primer under it. :)

Jill M.

This is an awesome foundation! It makes your skin look amazing, and although it is thick.. it doesn't feel it on your face! Its really great and its pretty cheap! Also, it smells great! I love this foundation, it is a def must have foundation!

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Lun N.
Smells Good :)

I remember wearing this for our Christmas photo and it made me look flawless. The only problem was that it made me bread out, I got the hugest pimple next to my nose 1/4 the size of a penny. I like how it's a tube. I had jars and I I always forget to close them tightly and they always spill lol

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