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Satin Lips Set (Mask and Balm)

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Mia A.

Remember back when you would use your damp toothbrush to scrub the dead skin cells off your lips? Well this does the same thing, but you can actually see the lip scum form little balls AND as an added bonus, its not on your toothbrush :) The more you scrub, the more blood rushes to your lips & gives you a natural plump look. After you wipe away (or wash off) that disgusting film, dont forget to replace that moisture you took away with the Satin Lip Balm to nourish that lovely full pout! It has vitamin E to heal & does NOT have any drying agents (aka camphor) the way Chapstick, Carmex or Blistex does, so you wont need to reapply every 3 mins ;) LOVE IT!!

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Benita G.
Affordable softness

Great to prep ur lips for everyday and every weather, specially for wedding make overs since u get kissable lips and long lasting lipstick. Also perfect for guys and kids as well. The lip balm can be used as a chap stick to keep lips moist.

Wesley R.
exfoliation and hydration

I love this stuff! The mask has little exfoliating beads in in that you rub your lips together and it gets off dried chapped skin. The longer you do it the smoother they become. Then you put on the Balm and your lips are smooth and so kissable. Make sure before you put on the balm that you get ALL the mask off otherwise it will drive you nuts. It's a great prep for lipstick!

Asia T.
don't leave home without it

Now this duo is the wonderful addition to succulent, kissable lips! i usually use this while im in the shower after i wash my face. after you exfoliate, you will notice dead skin leaving your lips (which is wonderful). for those of you who are dehydrated and your lips show it, use this two piece set. the crystals aren't overpowering where you are tearing your skin on your lips, and the balm has a shine AND it hydrates. i love it.

Rachel L.
Doesn't get any better

If you are looking for a simple quick solution to dry lips, this product is for you. I like how both products work together perfectly. As much as I like the lip balm, I am not complled to wear it without using the mask first. Which is good, because then I would have uneven portion. I would not have known how much I liked this product or thought I needed it until my friend made me use it at her house. I am glad that I did.

Cristine D.
If you want soft kissable lips TRY THIS

all i can say is that this can give you that natural soft kissable lips!! the first step is the mask which will take off those nasty dead dry skin cells yack! the 2nd step is to soften and plump them up for you! MUAH! love it!!

Jamie R.
The person you're kissing will thank you!
Photo of product included with review by Jamie R.

I love how this product makes it easy for everyone to get soft lips. The whole process takes at most 2 minutes.

Once you apply the mask, you can feel it scrub off the dead skin. You let it sit for 1-2 minutes and wash it off. After drying, you can instantly feel how soft your lips are & applying the lip balm really does make it feel like satin. The first time I tried it, I couldn't resist gliding my lips from each other & I still can't help myself.

I recommend it for everyone, who doesn't want soft lips in less that 2 minutes?

Rebakah G.
Use everyday!

This is a daily staple in my skin care routine! Gentle exfoliant and deep moisture from the balm. Only downfall is the price...$18 is a little high for this product IMO would love a cheaper alternative.

Angel C.
Love the mask but not so much the balm

This product is wonderful. The mask really does exfoliate your lips, and isn't harsh. It says to leave on for like two minutes then rinse off, but I leave it on for one and then scrub it in for a few minutes and wipe it off with a wet washcloth for added exfoliation. My lips have never looked better! I did however not care too much for the balm. For me it made them feel too slippery. I mean yeah it conditioned my lips and all, but I just didn't like the way my lips felt with it on (and it doesn't taste too well either so don't lick your lips). All in all...this product is well worth the money.

Heather I.

Effective yes. I used to swear by this stuff. But I make my own that is just as effective and at a fraction of the cost. Otherwise.... good product.....great gift.