Juicy Tubes

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Jaclyn N.

This gloss reminds me of Victoria Secret's lip glosses. It applies the same and is just as sticky. The color pay off is pretty good but for the price I don't think its the best gloss.

Sarah C.
my fave gloss!

I love juicy tubes because of the texture, I like a gloss to be sticky and a bit heavy, makes my lips feel moisturized. This gloss also wears a long time and a little goes a long way.

Paula M.

My long time favorite! I have been using this product for 8 years and I absolutely adore it. Sheer, shiny...I could go on for days. So happy Ulta finally carries it.

Ari W.

Beautiful, bright pink. Fresh. Adriana Lima looking lips are what I got when I used this gloss. It lasts forever. It is sticky but thats why it lasts so long. Smells great with a mild flavor.

Tyni R.
Yummy, too!

Loved it just as much as I loved Fruity Pop but this one I think has a milder sweet taste and has less or no glitter at all. The tint was subtler, too. Nice one to have when you only want sheer gloss. But it's sticky as well.

Tyni R.

I received mine as a gift when I was younger. At that time, I wasn't interested in make up yet. But I loved using it whenever I remembered (yep, just when I remembered out of whim) I have it in my dresser drawer.

It's sweet = 1 star Easy to apply = 1 star Only subtle tint = 1 star Has subtle glitter = 1 star

It's just so sticky though.

Katrina B.
It is fine, but not worth the money if you want color on your lips.

it seems more like a clear gloss, though whether it has a nice color on the outside has absolutely no pigments in it. For the price I do not think it worth buying for the bad pigment

Arkia M.
my favorite!

These are my favorite glosses! They're not too sticky, they smell yummy, and they're shiny and they have a huge selection. What more could you ask for? I seriously own about 10 of these that is how much I love them. Worth every cent!

Alexa W.

This is such a great product it lasts and is very glossy. I have the one in berry bold and it shows up with a hint of a tint but sort of fades, overall a great investment!

Wesley R.
Super shinny, smells good!

I have just about every color and they all are super shinny, last a long time and most of them smell great. Some are sparkly, some are just tinted. I totally agree with Cat L. they are a magnet for nasty stuff in your purse!!!