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Beauty Product Reviews

Love the formula! Super pretty color

I love this color it's dark and dramatic but I love that if I use a light hand it's not too dark for the days that I want to tone it down a little, so in my opinion it's very versatile. I do however advise that you exfoliate your lips before applying the product otherwise any dry spots will be very obvious.

Love this for a smokey eye!

This was my go to for a smokey eye almost everyday in high school! So I love it, it will always be one of my faves and close to my heart!

Actually liked this!

I bought this not expecting much because I'm more of a liquid liner type of girl but I was surprised by how much I actually like this! The only down part is the brush I use mine instead with a real techniques liner brush instead of the one that came with the line for better precision. So in the end I find myself reaching for this now instead of my trusty liquid liner

Long lasting and beautiful color!

Loved that this lasted so long and the color was pretty but I has been waiting soo long to try it I was a little disappointed on how dry it left my lips and even though I liked the color I thought it would have been more vibrant but all in all it's still pretty

Love the way it glides on!

Didn't really think I'd NEED this liner but let me tell you I'm so happy I tried it! I love the softness and easy way it just glides on your eye!

Love this liner! It's fun and funky, it can be worn with a really simple eye makeup or with a dramatic eye, the best part? Hello! It stays put all day and none of it ends up in your eyes!

One of the best urban decay palettes available! I love that there is a combo of bright colors and earth tones so you can mix and match with your mood! :)

Love sinful colors they are so bright and colorful and the application isn't messy at all. The only con about this Polish is that they chip very easily even with a good top coat.

Sorry but I did not care for this fragrance, it's not strong but it gives me a headache regardless. I was given the smallest size as a gift and couldn't even get past half of of the bottle


I was very excited to get this for Christmas one year as I had been looking forward to this perfume, yet when I got it, it was not what I expected and I was not in love with it. Yes it's fruity and smells good but something about it just wasn't right for me.

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