Be Delicious To Go


Sam R.

I was very excited to get this for Christmas one year as I had been looking forward to this perfume, yet when I got it, it was not what I expected and I was not in love with it. Yes it's fruity and smells good but something about it just wasn't right for me.

Mya Z.

Very light, very crisp smelling. I enjoy this scent a lot, it has a faint smell of apple that blends with a just lovely scent. Would buy again, absolutely LOVE

Georgie E.

I got this as a gift from my Mum! Although I think the bottle is super cute, I dont like it in terms of a fragrance. The scent is not nice, it smells very bitter and like a bad air-freshener. I much prefer fruity sweet perfumes.

Jenny L.

I absolutely love this perfume. It's a little past my budget but it doesn't stop me from putting it on my holiday wishlists. It smells fruity and goes on very lightly.

Trinh L.

I think it smells wonderful on everyone else but on me, not as refreshing for some reason. I've often heard that some perfume will smell differently on people and never took noticed until I got this. I give it 3 stars for me but on others 4 1/2 stars. :)

Shannyn W.

This is my absolute favorite perfume. I don't even know how many bottles I have been through. It smells so refreshing and not over powering at all. I have gotten countless of compliments on this smell. I needed something that would not give me a headache easily and this scent does not disturb me at all. I always recommend this perfume to my friends. :)

shikha v.

i love this scent ! refreshing and pleasant! Top notes include cucumber,grapefruit and magnolia.and off course apple with white amber and wood! so it is certainly goin in my handbag!

Katie W.
yummy, crisp, fresh

This just might be my new signature scent. It's so fresh & clean, not overpowering. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because the scent doesn't last very long on me (maybe it's because I have the to-go size, without the spray nozzle?) Regardless - it's absolutely DELICIOUS and I'll use up every drop of this crispy crunchy appley fragrance!