Beauty Product Reviews

The worst one..

I really really wanted to love this. I've loved and collected all of her shadow palettes. I stayed up just so I could buy it. The dreamy bottom row is what really hooked me, but the shadows just didn't deliver.

The mattes were okay, honestly they were a little more powdery than any of her previous palettes. The lighter shades could not be blended, and by that I mean they just immediately fluffed away into nothing, it was like I didn't even put them there. The dark brown needed to be layered because it was a bit patchy when it was packed on, and for 129 dollars I expected more. Same story with the lilac and the blue, they needed to be packed on significantly, and even then they were somewhat patchy, forget about blending them out without them looking extremely muddy.

The shimmers though, were by far the worst part. They sealed over in one use, the pigments weren't there. The blue, you can probably get it to look pretty enough to be passable, but compared to other high end blues (like the Pat McGrath one), it looks like a swatch of a dollar store shadow. There's no dimension, just patchy blue with some shimmer. The green you'll need to layer and layer for any significant pay off, and when the shadow is sealed over you'll need to dig your brush in for that, which destroys the shadow and gives you uneven application. The light blue lacks any significant impact, I was expecting the blue to be a less crumbly version of the one in the Aeris holiday palette, but no. We got a stiff, frankly nearly unblendable sheer silver blue. While it's pretty, it's not worth the effort in my opinion.

In conclusion, can you make this palette work, yes absouely. Should you HAVE to work that hard for a 129 palette, absolutely not. I returned mine and haven't looked back.

Looking forward to her new releases and I hope to all the makeup gods they will deliver.

Decent product, horrible container

I'm not sure if I'm the only one who is experiencing this but the primer's cap never screws back on right. That causes exposure to air and the product ends up dry.

The product itself is good. I didn't notice my makeup staying on for longer, but it did blend easily. I prefer this primer under stick and cream foundations rather than liquid because the texture is very slippy. I find that it doesn't alter the finish of the foundation, but I wouldn't recommend it for matte foundations.

Amazing color

The first thing I will tell you is this: if you are fair, looking for a full coverage foundation, this one will be hard to beat. The shade I got was 1, it's described as a neutral pale shade and I found that yes, truly it is. I usually have to use at least a couple of products to match my skin. I go for the Custom Cover drops in shade N10, which even described as neutral is a little pink for me, and I mix with a still neutral but yellow based foundation. Those two alone give me a heavier coverage than what I'm looking for so I have to mix all that with a bit of moisturizer. This takes way too much time and in my opinion, you shouldn't have to spend 10 minutes blending expensive products together to get what you need. This foundation fixed that for me.

The staying power is also impressive. I used to have very oily skin around the T-zone, I have cystic acne for which I am currently taking Accutane, so now my skin is bone dry and extremely flaky and unless I pile on moisturizer and facial oil, my skin will literally feel and look like a desert. So even after the intensely hydrating skin regimen I'm currently having to go with, most of my regular foundations grip my flaky skin and hold on for dear life. I find that this one doesn't do that as much while still covering and evening out my skin.

If you have flaky skin I advise against doing what is shown in the video, for the love of god do not buff the foundation, please! Use either a damp sponge (like the beautyblender) or a dense brush to apply using patting motions to bounce the foundation on the skin. If you need more coverage in a wide area, this does layer well although it can look a bit heavy if you put on too much. I usually do one thin layer all over and do a second thin layer on the places I feel need the most coverage and if that is still not enough I go in with a small brush and lay on concealer mixed with a little of the foundation (to correct the shade) on the spots I need to cover.

Now for the slightly bad news and the reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5. It's really thick. Like...really thick. It sort of reminds me of the MAC pro longwear concealer. If you are used to dealing with this kind of dry thick texture of your foundation you will have no problem with this, however if you're like me and you're used to foundations like the Dior Star or the Makeup Forever HD, this will take some getting used to. This "issue" is fixed easily with applying an emollient moisturizer and letting that sink in a little prior to application. If you have oily skin I suggest using a hydrating primer, a powder and setting spray (to take away the powdery look and help the foundation set and look less heavy as this is a full coverage foundation).

Another thing I'd like to mention. This is a full coverage ~foundation~. I think there is a lot of misconception about what that means. Foundation is created not to cover blemishes or scars or whatever, it is meant to even out your skin tone. What a full coverage foundation is supposed to do is even out very stubborn uneven skin, for example, if you are having to deal with red splotchy skin, redness around the cheeks and the nose, large scale hyperpigmentation. If you need to cover spots you will need a concealer for that! Do not think this will cover your acne or large spots, it's not supposed to, though it will ~help~ to cover them and you will need to use far less concealer.

Overall a good product.

Awesome brush

I love this brush and everything its done for me. I love it for blending shadows and applying color. It's not made for intense color placement but it's wonderful at bulding said intensity bit by bit. You are highly unlikely to go overboard with this brush in your arsenal. It's precise enough to help blend your lower lashline and pull color at the outer corner giving you a feline quality to your makeup. I also love it for brushing away excess powder under the eyes. This brush is so soft and delicate, it won't irritate the most sensitive eyes. It also works great at blending cream shadows.

Awesome brush

I'm in absolute love with this brush. First of all It's super soft. I was used to my eyes watering a bit from blending shadows on the crease but that's all over. This brush has changed it all for me. I love using this just to blend. I don't like picking up color with it too much (unless I'm doing a sheer shimmery wash on the lids), I use it clean. The fine point does a great job of keeping the crease crisp while the rest of the bristles soften the edge giving you the most beautiful blend. A little trick I like doing is tilting my head back and laying the bristles flat against where I want to blend and going from side to side. Works especially well to blend darker colors into transition shades. I love it for precise highlight placement especially in hard to get to places like the cupid's bow and the space a little below the brows and down the nose. If you use bronzer to contour pick up a little bit of light grey shadow with this brush and blend right at the hollow. It will give you extra depth while still remaining natural. I mean the uses for this brush are endless. Simply wonderful.

Awesome brush

This little pencil brush has it all. It's big enough to smoke out pencil liner but not too big so you end up looking like a goth panda by accident (unless you're going for that in which case you can totally use it for that, it'll do the job like a boss). It works with creams well and doesn't drag the skin when you blend them out. It works wonderfully as a spot concealer brush to get the tiniest bit of coverage for undetectable pinpoint concealing. I love using it to lay dark shadow on top of pencil liner to intensify the color and make the line hazy. One of things I loved was how well it retained its shape even after shampooing and drying without a brush guard I was really impressed. Overall splendid and well made brush.

Multitasker..? this brush. Why I don't love it is not a question of quality because Wayne has done an absolutely amazing job at making sure these brushes are of top notch quality. I question the usefulness of this brush pertaining to eyeshadow. It's too big and too dense for blending in my opinion. It lays down color well but it won't work for someone with smaller lids. Out of all my Wayne brushes this gets the least use. I do like it for applying concealer on blemishes because it does a good job of blending the pigment into the foundation but that's really it...

Must have for anyone that has problems with heavy application

This brush is a goddamn dream. It's cloud soft and the bristles apply and blend product without moving cream or liquids underneath. I use it to apply my highlight and often my contour. I also use it to pick up setting poweder for precise placement. If you like to "bake" your makeup this brush will sweep away the excess powder beautifully leaving you highlighted in all the right places. When you blend with this you have zero chance of irritation. It truly is a must have. Think of it as a user friendly fan brush.

Great brush for powders

I really like this brush. Far superior at applying and blending colours on the face than any other brush I've tried. I find that its bristles are too long to apply liquid foundation without streaking and cream foundations are a bit too thick to apply evenly, however this brush blends powders like a dream. I dip it in some powder after I use it to apply blush and highlight and swirl it together for a seamless finish. I did find the brush had an odd smell at first, but that was all resolved after I shampooed it. I would definitely use a brush guard to dry it to keep the density of the bristles. I would not try to use a stippling motion to apply profuct with it because as soft as the bristles are it would feel quite unpleasant. Overall super happy with this.