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Wayne Goss

Brush 16 Eye Shadow Blending Brush (2014)

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The Eye Set

Like all of Wayne’s brushes, The Eye Set is handcrafted from cruelty-free, ultra-soft natural bristles. Watch this introductory video to get the inside scoop on this set from Wayne himself.

Learn more about Brush 16 at 0:30, and don’t miss Wayne’s easy winged eye shadow trick at 1:05.


Jacqueline H.
Solid Brush

This is a well made brush, there's no doubt about it; however, there are a few things about this brush that I don't care for; primarily, the size of the dome. This brush is great for softening harsh lines, but with a dome like this, it's best to blend in circular motions because if you don't, unless you're going for a cat eye.... you'll be cleaning up extended splotchy shadow spray. I have a smaller BDellium domed brush that I find to be more efficient when it comes to targeted deposit than this particular brush is.

I do love to use this brush for powder-cream contour work. It creates nice defined cheekbones, and it makes applying and blending concealer under the eye quite effortless. Call me strange, but I just don't like this brush for shadow work. It's not a brush I would immediately reach for. Sometimes it just comes down to preference, and this is one of those times for me.

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Zach H.

This brush is great for what Wayne says it's for, but personally, I think this brush is excels most at applying and blending out concealer and cream blushes. It's super soft and very dense which makes it great for blending and the softness prevents micro-exfoliation when applying cream/liquid/powder products.

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Janine B.

This brush is to die for. Seriously, you can do so many things with it. My primary use for it right now is to apply concealer under and around the eye area and then blend it out. This brush has made it straight into my purse for daily concealer touch ups. What's nice about it is that you can apply the concealer and then dip it into the powder right after and it still works without everything getting caky. It also works amazing for blending out eyeshadow!

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Lily T.
plush and thick

At first is seems quite bug for a crease brush, which it is. However I find it really fits nicely into my outer crease, especially since I like to blend upward. I like using this for a quick smokey eye in the out-v. It's extremely soft and plush, just as soft as my blue squirrel wayne goss brushes. Also it hasn't shed a bit even after almost daily use and several washes. Still looks and feels like new! :3 Definitely a great purchase. Shipping was quick.

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Diana M. problem here!

Plush and soft. Blends eye shadow with ease. It covers the orbital bone and lid well to make blending quick and almost pleasurable (due to it being so soft and effcient.) It also works well to deposit highlighter and contour to your target areas. Washes and dries well, it kept its' shape well. Hint: Blend using circular motions as not to spread your shadow out beyond the eye area, as this brush is about 1/2" round at the hairs' base.

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K W.
If u want 2 b a blending pro--or at least look like u r--this brush is 4 U!!

I believe in honesty so here goes--this was 1 of those brushes that I would've simply passed over b/c it looked way 2 big 2 b of any benefit 2 my eyes. And I only ended up w/it b/c I chose 2 buy the entire Wayne Goss EYE SET--& thank God I did b/c otherwise I would've missed out on an INCREDIBLE brush! Played around w/it 2 see what it could do--afterall it came in the set-so why not? I was stunned 2 see how AMAZINGLY EASY this brush was 4 overall eye blending. Like Wayne says--u always need an extra blending brush that is CLEAN so u don't 'muddy the water'! And that's exactly what this brush is 4 me! Once I've applied all my eye colors--I grab this #16 & run it over my entire eye (lid 2 brow) back & forth just a few times--& I am left w/the most perfectly blended finish 2 my eye makeup! Whether ur a beginner (or pro)--this Goss 16 will make u look like a blending pro all in a matter of seconds! Don't make the mistake of overlooking this brush b/c it's so completely worth it!!

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Tina D.
Loves it!

I reordered a second one, but this brush is great for blending eyeshadows. I'm surprised in how much use I get from this brush. So far, I've ordered most of the Goss brushes and will compare them to hakuhodo and chikuhodo brushes. I just ordered the Holiday brush and look forward in using it!

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Susan W.

I own all of Wayne's brushes and love them all. There are certain ones I use more than others and this brush is one of them. It is great for blending eyeshadows seamlessly. I wanted an extra one so I would always have a clean one to blend with, as Wayne suggests. If you want the best tools possible, Goss brushes are the way to go!

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Mitz V.
Favorite brush from the eye set

I got this brush as part of a set and yes I absolutely adore and love all the brushes from the set but this precious one takes the cake for me. I recently just started learning to apply makeup and eradicating harsh lines and making seamless blends were a challenge for me...until I got a hold of this baby. Man, it was like magic! After I've applied all my colors and done all my semi-blends, I use this brush to to blend all around the eyes which will give you that seamless, glowing effect, just perfectly tying the entire look together. This brush makes me feel like a pro. That being said, am picking up a second brush. Get this one, ladies and yes y'all makeup-loving gents, too!

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Amy Maria Y. Team
Unexpected Concealer blending brush!

So....I don't use this for my eye makeup at all. It's simply too large but because it's SO soft and domed it makes a beautiful concealer blending brush. I specifically use this one for any undereye concealer as it's so gentle and non-irritating for that part of my skin. It's density and shape and size makes it great for the undereye area. Think of it as a tiny tiny stippling brush for your undereye or even around the nose and lips. It seems like a lot of people have discovered the same use for it. I would definitely buy another for backup.

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