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Natasha Denona

Tropic Palette


Alexis J.
It’s an interchangeable !
Alexis J.'s Review Image

Many of you have complained about the change of weight/gram on palette. First of all, someone failed to mention that this palette has holes at the bottom. It’s for deplotting! You can use a paperclip insert thru the holes at the bottom to remove a shadow pot. To replace it with a refill or a new color. For the price, we don’t throw out the entire pan with a mirror! We can keep recycling! See photos. I had to ask ND for a confirmation. So please get FACTS straight before spreading untrue facts.

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Shash M.
a bit disappointing

I was 50/50 on whether I was going to buy this palette as I wasn't sure how wearable it would be for me, and I already own all Natasha Denona's palettes. I decided to take the plunge anyway, and when I opened it up, I was SO in love with the colours. The colour range is just so beautiful and I love how Natasha has offered colour pairings that I would never have thought to put together myself. After swatching and playing with the colours I can see how the vertical rows work beautifully together even though I was initially unsure.

NOW - the changed formula - I am not happy!! I have no idea why Natasha would mess with the formula of the mattes or the shimmers, they were both so good already in other palettes. The mattes in this palette seem to be a lot more dusty than say the Lila or Sunset. I get a fair bit of kick up even when being very gentle. They still apply reasonably nicely to the eye and blend out easily. The shimmers - just no. I know that with ND shimmers you need to dab and press on with a brush, or use a finger. I found neither method worked with this new formula to get good colour pay off on the eye. Given that the bottom row are meant to be applied along the lower lash line, I could not get the green in particular off my brush, I ended up having to use fix +.

I am not a professional makeup artist, but I am a makeup junkie and wear a full face of makeup every day to work. I have high quality brushes. I do not know whether I am just trying to apply the shadows in a way that they're not meant to be used, or whether the formula on these shadows really is a miss. Given these smaller palettes are marketed towards non-professional use i'd expect to be able to pick this up and make it work without too much effort, like the sunset or lila. I will wait for ND o release more tutorials with this palette to see if I can get it to work. It's not a horrendous mess by any means, it's just a bit frustrating that a palette at this price point is difficult to use.

Beautylish and their service has been top notch as usual and I received my palette super quickly and very carefully wrapped!

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Nora M.
Changed the pan weight, kept the price.

For $129, I thought Natasha was already asking a bit much. But when questioned on social media about the release photo illustrating 1.5g x 15 pans (compared to all former palettes 2.5g/pan) on the unicarton, Natasha was very vague but reassured everyone that the pan size was the same. It isn't. She was supposedly trying to say that the volume is the same, due to new, lightweight materials, etc. etc. Natasha... You're giving us far less product and I would have been more okay with it if you were straight from jump.

I'm also disheartened to find Beautylish, as of 03/14/2018, is not listing her new formula under the typical 'ingredients' tab. Perhaps they will, but I've found the industry has become more and more tight-lipped about ingredients, despite label laws. If I saw the formula change prior to purchase, I may not have purchased the palette.

Sorry for being so long winded, I just felt obligated to disclose those two pieces of information as they influenced my opinion greatly. As for the palette itself, a demonstrable change in formula has occurred. If you're familiar with synthetic fluorphlogopite as compared to talc, you'll likely understand my reference. The mattes lack cohesiveness and have no desire to stay where they're put. They blend themselves into nothing. The shimmers, previously some of the best I've tried, are severely lacking in pigmentation as well as refraction (usually you trade one for the other). While I've always needed glitter glue to prevent my hooded eyes from transferring her shimmers to my crease, these seem to behave better as they're not as creamy and dense (this may be a benefit for some).

P.S. Alexis J., Im not entirely sure how you intended to end the first point of your review, but please check any promo pictures of the unicarton or palette. The pan size is 1.5g now, and it used to be 2.5g. That's 22.5g total compared to a previous 37.5g, or 40 percent less product for the same price.

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Louisa S.
Oh Natasha...

First, I have all her palettes so I was so excited seeing this new one come out. In all her palettes normally the shimmer/metallics are absolutely amazing. Unfortunately in this palette they are very much lack luster. They feel almost sticky - mainly exotic and tiger lily. The pay off is horrible and does not transfer well in a swatch on the arm or on the lid. All her mattes in the palette are beautiful except sangria which is very very chalky and patchy. I know she's been saying that shes trying new formulas but I genuinely think she should just stick to her old palette formulas because they are amazing through out every shade.

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Angel M.
Not of the same quality
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This palette is not the same quality as the last three eyeshadow palettes that Natasha Denona has released. I only have the Star, Sunset and Lila palettes and this palette is not as pigmented as they are. The colour story and the packaging are A+ and the new shadows are not bad but they are not spectacular like we are used to with Natasha Denona. The worst shadows are exotic, tiger lily, gusti and zena. I think gusti might have been meant to be sheer, but not this sheer, because it barely shows up on my super pale skin. As for exotic and tiger lily they were definitely meant to be pigmented especially looking at Natasha’s Instagram. They were not pigmented on a brush so I tried using my finger and right away they both got hard-pan, the same thing happened with the colour 136cp fuchsia in the Holiday 01 Joya 5pan palette. Last there is zena that is patchy and not very saturated in colour, it is more like a transition colour for the Lila palette. Natasha your shadows used to be so perfect that even though they cost an arm and a leg, they had a lot of product and they were so easy to use, that it was worth the investment. With this new formula this palette is not worth the price. I love that Natasha likes to innovate and I appreciate her artistry, but I hope she goes back to the older metallic shadows that she used to make

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Adelaide M.
Wish I could give this zero stars!
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This is nothing like any of the other ND palettes. It has zero impact or pigment and the metallics aren’t even metallic and they hard pan instantly. I have every single palette she’s ever made and this is not like the other formulas. When you think about her you think about those high impact editorial looks she does and how intense her shadows are especially her shimmery finishes and how you get several different finishes in the palette. The duo chrome in this is not a duo chrome at all, it’s as if something happened wrong when they were making the formula. I’ll include a photo where you can see the top layer is a hard pan layer aka sealing itself. You can’t get any pigment off and this is not worth the money at all. Buy the other palettes instead. This one is one of the worst I’ve ever used and isn’t worth it. I am devastated and if she continues to use this formula I won’t ever buy another thing from her. It’s so bad. If you don’t use her stuff a lot you may not notice as much but as someone who uses them a lot I do and I hate it. I also think it seems like some palettes are preforming differently. Beauty news has a good video on this showing how it seals itself and you can’t get pigment on the skin I urge you to watch before you buy!

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Elí G.
The shimmers lack pigmentation

I was really expecting good pigmentation from tiger lilly and exotic.(I have to wet it for it to show as her swatches. ) I have her other palettes and the shimmers in them are Amazing dry no wetting needed! I love the color combo and matts! As always Natasha has never made a bad palette but The shimmers in these was why I bought it. And they fell short.

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Vicky R.
Beautiful mattes but....

The shimmers are terrible after one use they have sealed over and I can’t get any pigment from them using either a brush or my fingers. I’m so disappointed because I was so excited for this.

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Jessica D.
Jessica D.'s Review Image

I really love the matte shadows, but those metallics are pretty terrible. This was my first big Natasha Denona purchase. I bought one of the small holiday palettes and was in LOVE. Everything was buttery and soft... workable, pigmented. Basically, magic. I bought the Tropic palette expecting the same. BOY. Was I Ever wrong. The metallics are hard and have a weird ‘seal’ on top. I tried applying with my finger over foundation, over concealer, and then again over glitter glue. I tried several different brushes with the same methods. Nothing. No payoff. No pigment. I couldn’t even pick any shadow up on my finger or the brush. Honestly, I’m a little pissed. I’m sad. I’m upset. I’m returning this palette. I know this review is a little dramatic, but these shadows are so bad- they deserve the drama in this review. The drama I expected from this palette and didn’t get.

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Marcy  M.
Gorgeous mattes stiff shimmers
Marcy  M.'s Review Image

I bought this alone because I really loved the color scheme once arrived I played with it on my eyes the mattes I had no issues very pigmented but the shimmers were stiff and waxy. I think Natasha messed up with the shimmers because she changed the formula. I did keep the pallete though and sold five of the shimmers online and only kept the mattes but for 129 dollars it’s not worth it if five of the shimmers are bad. This is a pic with the pallete on my eyes

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