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Brush 13 Powder Brush (2014)

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Jackie A.
excellent brush!!!!
Photo of product included with review by Jackie A.

this brush reminded me of the mac 109...NOT in quality but in shape because brush13 blows the mac one right out the water. when i first used this brush i wanted to toss my 109 away lol. the WG13 is super soft!!!!! multifunctional i'm truly in love!!! wayne did an excellent job on creating these brushes!! i seriously can't get over how ridiculously SOFT this brush is....don't think about it just buy it...i added a picture of the mac 109 WG13 to give u an idea ONLY on the SIZE of the brush.

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jess s.
had high hopes for this...but it dried to a beyond bearable stink

worked as it should but could not stand the wet dog smell that came with even way after it dried. I would never use this on a client. Please don't hate me Wayne, maybe mine was a fluke but I cant afford to keep trying. I was not offered the option of exchanging.

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Diana M.
Stellar for Mineral Powder Foundation & more...

Saw Wayne's video on this brush (I've watch all the brush videos...multiple times!), and liked how he presented it as a multi-tasker, so I bought it. While it does everything he says, if you use a powder foundation, this brush will excel in that application. The shape of the head helps you buff the product into the skin with gentle ease. I like using it after I have applied my makeup to blend the cheek area products and remove any product that settled in any 'lines' that I've 'earned' over the years. The head is dense, the hairs are soft and of good quality. It has been washed multiple times and has dried right back to its original shape. (I use an elastic band and strap it down to my towel rod upside down to dry and a mesh brush guard when necessary. This kind of head should stay more compact when drying as not to splay out like a typical powder brush might.)

I've read another review about a smell when being washed...sorry, but I can't smell anything unusual or out-of-the-ordinary about this natural hair brush. (Admittedly, I don't bury my nose in it to sniff it either! I use it on my face, so that is close enough. (Any natural/animal hair brush will/can have a slight odor that usually dissipates when dry and with use...this brush was un-remarkable.)

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Jenny A.

Wow this is the most luxurious brush in my collection. It's the softest thing I've ever put on my face, including baby kittens, etc. It is expensive, my first luxury brush purchase really. The size is perfect for contouring and blush. II tried using it to blend out my RCMA creme foundation and it wasn't really stiff enough to do that without a lot of motion. I used it to blend in a creme blush and that worked better. I will probably stick to using my flat top synthetic brush or beauty blender for blending creme foundation anyway. This morning I put too much blush on and this brush just wasn't stiff enough to really knock the powder off. I had to move to a much coarser brush and then my beauty blender to get it right. I have yet to use this brush for contouring with powder products, which is where I think this brush is probably best suited. But so far, I'm not really seeing this as the Everything Brush that it's been touted as. Gorgeous brush, though, amazing quality. I actually look forward to doing my cheeks with this, it feels so lovely.

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Veronica H.
Wow! Who knew goat hair could be so soft!

This brush is fantastic. The hairs are unlike any other goat hair brush I have ever come across. I love it for applying cream blush, powder, highlighter, and bronzer. It has become my favorite brush. It applies product gently with an airbrushed look, without removing any makeup lying underneath. The handle is beautiful and it is just an overall quality brush. I have since ordered the #12. I hope the eye brushes will also be sold individually. I'd love to get my hands on a couple of those!

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Kendra L.
In love with this!

I waited and waited for this baby to come back in stock and as soon as it did, I grabbed it up and I am so glad I did. This brush is PERFECT for cream blush, cream highlight and cream bronzer. But I mostly use it for cream blush b/c that's what I own the most of (I use it everyday with my Colourpop Blushes) and it's really a great brush for that. It picks up the exact right amount of product and distributes the product so evenly without disturbing the foundation underneath. Even with the most pigmented cream blushes, it never applies them too quickly so you end up looking clown-like. This builds them slowly and evenly. You don't have to be afraid of pigmented products with this brush. For someone that is fair-skinned like myself, this is a Godsend! It's incredibly soft, much softer than any synthetic brush I own. Nothing compares to this brush! It's probably one of my top favorite I own b/c of it's versatility. It's right up there with my Chikuhodos! Excellent quality, no shedding & no scratchiness. Get this brush! You will love it!

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Dasha C.
love for powder foundation!

I use this for my IT cosmetics celebration foundation... I actually prefer this to the heavenly luxe brush I bought to go with it. Wish I would have saved my money and just gotten this! also great for bending out my look at the end to make everything look seamless! Yes, it does smell faintly of goat, as do slot of the WG brushes, but I actually kind of like it. I grew up with farm animals so I guess it just makes me reminisce haha.

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Karlynn A.
Amazing Brush

I am somewhat of a makeup brush junkie. I bought this brush after following Wayne Goss (LOVE him!) and reading all about the commitment to quality he puts in his brushes. I agree with another review that exclaimed they never knew goat hair could be this soft. It feels like sable. It's application of powder blush and bronzer is perfect! I have yet to try it on liquid yet.

It's the perfect size and the photos and video do not show the quality of the brush handle. I'm going to be gradually collecting the rest of Wayne's brushes.

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Debby R.
If you choose one, choose this one.

I love this brush so much I now have 2 with one more on the way for backup. I use one for my liquid foundation and creams, another for my powders. However you can use the same one for liquids and powders and not clean in between. Except for your eyes you can seriously do a whole face with this brush. This brush does not soak up a lot of product either, which means the product stays on your face and isn't wasted. I really love that the WG handles are not really long. I think the #13 just made it's way into my travel must haves.

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Caitlin B.
favorite foundation brush!

I never thought I'd love a soft foundation brush because I tend to stipple on foundation for a heavy coverage on myself but it does a really good job. It can leave streaks in liquid foundation but nothing a beauty blender can't smooth out. For a soft brush, it really smooths out cream better than liquid foundations. This is a good brush for RCMA foundation! Had to get two, I loved it so much!

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