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Brush 14 Cheek Brush (2014)

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Mee L.
Soft brush, perfect application

I love this brush - Wayne Goss brushes are one of my favorite brushes in quality, style and practicality. this one in particular feels like a kitten paw, patting my cheeks. I use this specifically for a light wash of blush the apples of my cheeks. I also use this when i'm dusting a light veil of beauty powder over my whole face - it's the right 'weight' of bristles for a soft application of powder.

Roxanne E.
Great for Blush

This is one of my favorite brushes for applying blush. I like starting slow and building my blush and this brush allows that perfectly. I have a small face and this brush is the perfect size so I don't end up with the side of face blushing instead of just my cheeks.

Jenny R.
Amazing multitasking brush!

Ever since I got this brush I'm using it non-stop. I stopped using all my highlight, blush, contour and bronzer brushes and I use this one instead! It is very very soft and there is no way to overdo using it. I even heard it is a perfect and much cheaper dupe for the famous Suqqu blush brush. I highly recommend it! Also, can recommend using the live chat if you are not sure about something. The women that helped me was really nice, patient, professional and extremely helpful I really appreciate it!

Tram Anh L.
Daily Necessity!

I pick this brush up to apply blush and highlighter almost everyday. It makes applying pigmented blush less intimidating. Great for sheer applications that can be built up. I would highly recommend picking this one up.

Honey &.
No doubt
Photo of product included with review by Honey &.

I knew this is gonna be a nice&soft brush while I place my order because I own some Wayne Goss brushes & they're all amazing quality. But it still surprised me when I got it. THIS IS SO SOFT! I mainly use it to set my under eyes & apply blush/highlighter on my face, sometimes I use it to blend my eyeshadow, it creates the best natural looking;) PS: Left is Brush 14; Right is Brush 02.

Yang L.
Best. Cheek. Brush. Ever.

You can do everything with this brush - setting powder, bronzer, contour, blush, highlight and finishing blend of products. It is one of the softest cheek brushes I've owned even compared with synthetic fibres. Great for VERY thin layering of product, no cake face ever again! The shape is good for sloppy application too, as the hairs are very long and do not deposit much powder in one go.

Please note that the hairs splay out a lot more than shown in the product photo once you use/wash it. I find this actually much better as it has more give and surface area to cover. :)

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Jenni L.

Where has this brush been all my life? When I opened it, it seemed small for a cheek brush. But then I put it on my face and was like "aha- I get it!" The tapered shape is perfect for hitting the cheekbone. I tend to be heavy handed with blush and this prevents me from over applying. It diffuses the color as it deposits it. And it doesn't disturb your foundation or concealer. The brush just glides over your face. I just rub the brush on my face because it's so darn soft! Love this. I have a dozen blush brushes that will now be neglected because I only want to use this.

katia a.

My reviews sound like a broken record... But it's perfect! I use this for my more pigmented blushes, it really helps diffuse and sheer out the color so I'm able to build up a desired look without looking clownish. Love these brushes!

Great for every blush colour!

So, where do i start... I have 3 cheek/blush brushes that I use regularly--Chikuhodo Z4, WG14 and WG the air brush. Chikuhodo Z4 delivers the most pigment over these 3(strange because it is blue squirrel hair hey!), so I tend to reserve it for really light blushes. WG 14 gives medium color. Even though it is goat hair( I think, but still so soft), it is very loose packed, it gives color but still make the blush look subtle and soft. The air brush, gives the lightest color of these 3, and that is why I use it on heavy, very bright colored blushes. The air brush puts those bright colors on my cheeks but gives a "my skin is so natural and have a beautiful color and healthy" look, rather than "I put a hell load of bright blush" look. If you are choosing from these 3, Id say go for WG14 first because it is so universal! You can use it a little light handed if your blush color is very bright and for very light colors, it still delivers! Very happy about it and definitely using it most days!

Susan P.

I bought this for blush, but it was really too small for my big ol cheeks and left me with too small patches of blush. Then I tried it for contour, and oh my goodness. I thought I could never contour because it always looks too dark and weird on me, but this lays down such a tiny wash of color that even I can't mess it up. Beautiful, soft, diffused contour is now mine!!!!!