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Brush 06 Eye Shadow Blending Brush

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Wayne Goss: The Best Selling Brushes

How to Use Brush 06

See how Wayne uses Brush 06’s flat, slightly rounded shape to blend everything from multiple eye shadows to cream concealers for the most gorgeous results.


V T.
Super great eye shadow blending brush

Soft, easy to use, this baby just goes your way. I like it very much and enjoy using it. Recommend!

Arti S.
Wow- underrated!

I am a huge fan of Sonia G and Hakuhodo brushes but needed a multi-tasking eye brush for powder products. This brush is a great brush if you want to use only one brush for application and blending. I take this when I travel. It has a tip so it can be uysed for targeted application. It also blends products quite well. Its easy to clean. Very nice.

Sabine S.
I'm a big fan of Wayne Goss brushes

I own a few of Waynes brushes including this one. Now that we have a second home in another country i want to purchase my collection ones more. They are ingrdible soft and really life changing.

Elizaveta K.
very soft blending brush

that is the good brush for blending powder shadows. it shades gently due to the fact that it is made from the lint of the squirrel. the pile is long and flat

Sylvia A.
Every bit as they described.....

Wow. Amazing. Truly luxurious. These do not shed, they wash well and hold their shape and are so incredibly soft. Amazing for blending.

Isabelle G.
In Love

I am French and I took a very long time before I decided to buy these brushes. I've watched many times the videos of Michele Wang (@themichelewang) and Alicia(@kinkysweat). I only regret not having done it earlier. First of all, let's talk about the order that was delivered to me much faster than some I do here, locally (I'm French). Thanks to Beautylish for this ultra-fast service. My first order included: Sky Eye Set, Sonia G Smudger Two, Sonia G Builder Two, Sonia G Builder Three, Sonia G Builder Pro, Wayne Goss 27S, Wayne Goss 05 and Wayne Goss 06. I've had my new babies for a week and I love them. All as much as they are. Always looking for the perfect rendering, I could not be satisfied with my makeups. The restock of Sky Eye set decided me. I'm so happy. Never have my make-up been so beautiful. Oh, really! Michele and Alicia are absolutely right. It's totally worth it. Extreme sweetness of brushes, perfect gradients, eyeshadows that place exactly where I want. What sweetness, what precision, what ease to fade. My eyes are difficult to make up because they are very sunken and it is always very difficult for me to place color in the outer corner as well as the eyelid hollow. There, with my new babies, it was magical. Effortlessly. The right intensity of the first shot. The transitions between my eyeshadows: a marvel. In truth, words are weak to describe what is. The difference is real and, as Alicia says so well, you have to experiment with it to really realize it. I even reconciled with some of the ND Gold palette (blue in particular) that I found difficult to blur. There, thank you mini booster, thank you Classic Crease!! I even went "further" by powdering my concealer with Wayne's No.06. A revelation! For the first time, I have the underside of my eye made up and smooth, which was not the case when it came to concealer and powder. The blue squirrel does wonders! I am so delighted that I have decided to place a new order, waiting for the next restock of Sonia G.

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Rocio M.
Versatile brush
Photo of product included with review by Rocio M.
Photo of product included with review by Rocio M.
Photo of product included with review by Rocio M.
Photo of product included with review by Rocio M.

What I like about Wayne gross brushes is how versatile they are in general, he explains in his videos but when you use them you realize that it is true. However, I must say that even though they seem to me of very good quality, super soft and dense, I still prefer Chikuhodo and koyudo brushes. This in general terms, because not all are equal. I like this brush a lot, it diffuses very well, it is super soft, it is quite dense without being hard (Chikuhodo Z5 for me is too dense to blend easily) and it has a medium size, not very large (I prefer them a little bigger). It seems perfect for daily makeup, you can do practically the whole eye with this brush but I prefer the SJ301 koyudo to make the whole eye, which is slightly less dense and a little bigger. However, this brush takes metallic shadows very Walla, better than SJ301 (if they are very difficult shadows, the Sonia G smugler two is better). So in general terms it seems to me a great brush at a very good price.

Haa I've sabe, in general that is the opinion I have of Wayne gross brushes, the price-quality ratio is fantastic, they are versatile and do not disappoint. Although I like other brushes in some cases, it is a personal opinion, of course I recommend this brush. Worth the price. In the photo from left to right: Wayne gross 6, Chikuhodo Z5 & koyudo SJ301

Melissa C.
Soft, do it all brush

This brush is so incredibly soft. It can also easily be a one a done brush in a pinch. Albeit for a very simply look. I was easily able to lay down a soft color in my crease and then gently pat on a lighter color on my lid. I will happily buy more of these brushes in the future. They are beautiful and functionaly.

Danielle B.
Photo of product included with review by Danielle B.

I have wanted this brush for sooooo long and finally bought it, the hair is amazing quality, but it’s everywhere! I expect a morphe brush to look like this, not a 25 dollar brush. Doesn’t help that when I brushed it against my finger some of the hair fell out. But it does what it should, still super soft.

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Yuting S.

这把是回购的,因为太好用了,铺色、晕染都很好用。刷毛触感柔软又不失弹力。刷杆设计大方,goss大叔的产品真的很良心。what?30words?are you sure more words means more useful?maybey less than more!