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Brush 06 Eye Shadow Blending Brush

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How to Use Brush 06

See how Wayne uses Brush 06’s flat, slightly rounded shape to blend everything from multiple eye shadows to cream concealers for the most gorgeous results.


Mabel C.
Not a fan

I bought this in the hopes that it would live up to the claims from other reviews I've read about it being a 1-in-all brush that will allow you to complete your entire eye look with. While it blends nicely, I find it too soft and not dense enough for crease application. I was also disappointed when I saw stray hairs after taking it out of the package.

For comparison purposes, I also ordered the Chikuhodo T-7 and that brush is higher quality with just the perfect amount of density and hair length to blend perfectly and apply crease color (I tested each on separate eyes). The T-7 also blends a bit better than the Wayne Goss 06 and is a little less soft, but that doesn't bother me. The T-7 also did not have any stray hairs out of the package.

Hoping the quality will improve in the future.

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Canuk C.
Photo of product included with review by Canuk C.

I bought this to add a second blending brush like the sigma E25. I just thought it would be nice to have a second. Well. I was disappointed when I saw the brush. Gorgeous. But the shape wasn't what I was expecting. It was flatter than my e25. But, I was determined to try it out a couple times. And after trying it once I'm in love! It blends far better than the E25 and is so soft. There is absolutely no pulling on the skin, just a gentle blending that produces amazing results. Who knows. Maybe I need a second 06 and the e25 can go to a friend!

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H H.
Versatile & fantastic for sensitive eyes!

I have extremely sensitive skin around my eyes and I often chose not to wear eyeshadow because I couldn’t be bothered with the irritation that I got from using brushes like my MAC 217. After using Wayne Goss eye brushes for a while now, I will be passing my other brushes on to friends with less sensitive eyes. The Wayne Goss brushes are extremely soft and now I wear eyeshadow whenever I wear makeup, which makes me very happy. Brush 06 is my favourite of the eye brushes I have. Its a higher quality version of the MAC 217, works better overall, is far softer, washes nicely, and as a low-key goth I prefer the all black handles! It’s the most versatile eye brush I’ve owned, as its fantastic at packing on colour, horizontally it deposits colour in the crease really well and I can even do a cut crease with it, vertically it blends like a dream, and I have also used it to set my under eye concealer, all with no irritation at any stage! It’s a really great brush that I fully recommend and I want multiples so I don’t have to clean it as much!

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Christen W.
No fall out eyeshadow brush

I use this to add color to my eyes, it is the perfect brush for matte and shimmer powders. I have had zero fallout and it is so soft around my eye area. While the set appeared to have way too many crease brushes this one really stands out as a staple for eyeshadow application.

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Diana M.
One of the most versatile brushes in the collection...

If I was forced to take one eye brush on vacation, this could be the one. Because of the shape and taper of the brush head, you can do a cut crease, lay down color, do a wash of color on the whole lid, and blend effortlessly. It also performs beautifully to powder under the eyes (or any other spot) as well as to blend out when you spot conceal. I like to use it with a brightening powder to strategically apply it around my brows, lips, etc. Soft, high quality and feels so nice on the skin.

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Siobhan B.

aaoooooooooooooooo we’re talking holy grail shadow brush here. I need to get backups, and then backups for my backups. Needless to say I like this brush, I like it a lot. I find this brush performs better than both my Sonja G builder 1 and builder 2 brushes for metallic, glittery, glimmery, shimmery shadows. And those brushes work excellent but I tell you this 06 blending brush blows them out of the water. I think it’s the hair, and the flexibility and the length of the bristles. I call it my one and done brush, it’s that good. Also excellent for blending any shadow into the crease but especially good for blending shimmer shadows into the crease if you’re going for a single shadow look. I’ve used it for multiple colour looks as well without having to use a colour switch or micro fibre cloth to clean off the old colour, it’s like it places it all on my eye which is fantastic and makes doing a more complicated eye-look a breeze if you’re in a rush... like me most mornings.

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Jennifer O.
The Standout & My Favorite!

I LOVE this brush. It is soooo soft. I reach for this one the most. I bought this one in the set and bought an extra one because I use it so much. I would recommend it, hands down.

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Svetozara I.
Awesome brush

I love this brush and everything its done for me. I love it for blending shadows and applying color. It's not made for intense color placement but it's wonderful at bulding said intensity bit by bit. You are highly unlikely to go overboard with this brush in your arsenal. It's precise enough to help blend your lower lashline and pull color at the outer corner giving you a feline quality to your makeup. I also love it for brushing away excess powder under the eyes. This brush is so soft and delicate, it won't irritate the most sensitive eyes. It also works great at blending cream shadows.

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Megan S.
Adore this brush!

I was torn between Brush 4 and 6, and so far I am SO happy I chose 6! It's truly a multitasker; I can see why some people buy multiples of this brush.

Feathery soft and pliable, it is gentle on my hooded eyes and fits well into the crease. Thank you Wayne for these beautiful tools!

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Kara K.
Best thing since the MAC 217

I have been in the market for a good all over eye brush that is super soft and gets all the jobs done. And this brush does that well above my expectations. Blue squirrle fur is known to be the most soft and luxurious on the market. The squirrle fur has less structure and picks up lessome product than the white goat hair in the MAC 217, and that is exactly what I wanted. This brush is great at giving that light application to the eyes and blending out product seamlessly. I can use this all over the eye area to create a full soft blown out look. This brush is also less fluffy than the MAC and has a nice pointed tip which makes this brush EXCELLENT at smoking out color along the lash line. I can have a blown out lower lash in seconds, AND it doesn't scratch or irritate my eyes at all like my old pencil brush used to. Surprisingly this brush has all but replaced my old pencil brush, I know only use that pencil brush to precisely pat color onto my lids. This brush is WELL worth the price. I know don't know how I lived without this.

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