Beauty Product Reviews

Everyday use

This highlighter is perfect! I abseloutely love highlighters and this is good because its buildable and very soft and pretty. The one bad thing about it is it doesn't last that long. At first i thought it was a waste of money but it was definately worth the purchase. I use it everday on top of my blush! Super pretty!

Depends on you

A lot of people are confused about this product, although it says its supposed to minimize pores and it doesn't very well, it is a really good product if you want your face to be smooth. It could be used as a primer if that is how you want to view it.

For me i love the texture and the smell, it made my face very soft and i loved it! I have regular to dry skin so this was perfect for me. I guess it all just depends on you.

I Love it!

This is a great mascara, it does not clump at all and gives a lot of length and coverage! They are currently discontinuing it and its only $15.... why they are discontinuing this product i don't know, i guess it just wasn't that good of a seller? Anyways i lasts me like the whole day and i just love it! not one bad thing to say.

500- As If

I went to go get my sister a birthday present at walgreens when i saw this and i loved it! I have it in As If which is a purple when you blend in but its like a speckled metallic purple with blue and it is so pretty... it only works with primer otherwise it creases. The other colors are really pretty, but they are being discontinued which im sad about because i wanted to buy the other colors. You can probably find them at some drugstore but they have gorgeous colors, not so good quality but great pigmentation!

Best perfume at VS!

This sweet smelling perfume is perfect for younger girls like myself and older women! It is honestly the best perfume in that store, it's my alltime favorite perfume! the aroma just gives you a romantic essence! I highly recomend this!

Fantastic, and cheap too!

This eyelash curler works so well, especially for the price! You can pick this up at Target for only a $1 and it comes with a replacement rubber pad. I use this everyday, it catches every lash if you get it at the right angle and gives optimal curl.

These are so pretty but my favorite is Oui it's like a purple gold mix, it's so sparkly! I love them all they are great for the holidays, you can get the at Sally Beauty Supply!

Best makeup remover i have tried yet!

This is the best, it worked so well for me and it taks my makeup of so easily without any hastle! It takes off my days work on the face so easily, i use it before i wash my face because my face wash doesn't remove my makeup very well! It works so well you don't even have to use a lot just a little bit on a q-tip will even work! It will last you a long time!

This is such a great product it lasts and is very glossy. I have the one in berry bold and it shows up with a hint of a tint but sort of fades, overall a great investment!

I love these, they are very colorful and last a long time even without primer! The only one i have is in covet which is the more green sort of teal, it's very pretty!

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