Beauty Product Reviews

Better than a "professional" brush!!

I love, love, LOVE this brush. I've had it for what seems like forever, and I've washed it countless times and it's never shed once. I have several other 'professional' brushes that are 'real hair' and this one tops them all. The other 'pro' brushes I have all began to shed all over my face and fall apart after several cleanings, but this brush has stayed like-new. I normally don't like synthetic brushes, but surprisingly that's the reason I love this brush. It's amazingly soft for a synthetic brush, and it distributes powder perfectly. And you can't beat the awesome price. The only complaint I have is that when I wash it, it does take quite a long time to dry, number one because it's synthetic, but number two is because it has a lot of bristles and they're very tightly packed at the base. Sometimes, I'll blast it with my hairdryer to speed the drying process....but be careful if you do that because you can melt synthetic bristles together with high heat. Otherwise, this is an amazing brush that's worth so much more than I paid for it!!! Don't waste your money on expensive 'real hair' brushes.

Works really well, but....

These are the best makeup removing wipes I've used, hands down. They do leave my skin feeling really soft & clean, and they smell good! The only problem is they seem to leave sort of an oily, strange residue on my face and I don't like that, so I usually just wipe my face off with a warm washcloth after I use them, but maybe that's just me. I've never used them to take off mascara though, so I can't really speak for that part.

The best you can buy. Period.

This stuff is almost magic, it works so well. It's the only spot treatment I've ever tried that worked so quickly. I have actually even used this on cystic acne and it worked just as well! Like some of the other girls have said....this stuff is a secret weapon!

Not for sensitive skin!

The problem with this, to me, is this product has waaaayy too much alcohol in it. I felt like I could feel it sucking the moisture out of my skin as I used it....and my face was always really red after. My face felt like I'd taken a cotton ball and doused my face with rubbing alcohol. It also made me break out (imagine that) because I've got really sensitive skin. I normally use a facial scrub, but for some reason this one is super rough, so I'd only recommend this if you have VERY acne-prone skin. It does smell pretty good (if you like grapefruit), but in my opinion it smells like a grapefruit that's being drowned in alcohol. Overall, I'd say give it a try if you've got a major problem with acne.

GREAT moisturizer!!

I'm very, very picky about my moisturizers because I sweat a lot due to my thyroid issues, and I'm conscious about my face looking oily or too "wet". That being said, this is a moisturizer I use every day. I use this mainly in the summer when my skin seems to be drier, but it's great for year round too. I love it because it moisturizes all day, it goes on smoothly, and doesn't leave an oily residue. I'm also really picky about moisturizers because my skin is sensitive and a lot of them will make me break out. This is one of only 2 moisturizers (and the other one is from Clinique, lol!) that I trust to never clog my pores or make me break out. It is a little on the expensive side, yes, but to me it's worth it because a little goes a loooong way and to me, moisturizer is an essential.

Works great!

The main reason I love this is, obviously, it works! I can tell a noticeable difference in my hair when I blow dry & flat-iron my hair with it than if I don't use it. My hair is noticeably shinier, silkier, and easier to manage....not to mention it feels & looks healthier! It also smells really wonderful (if you love cocount!) and doesn't seem to weigh my hair down. The only thing I don't like about it is it does take a little longer to dry, especially if you put a lot on. So really, just a light misting will do the trick. Overall, I would definitely recommend this to everyone who flat-irons their hair or blow-dries with high heat.

Will probably never use another mascara!

I absolutely, 100%, indefinitely love this mascara. I have tried SO many different types (and a lot of really expensive ones) and this one stands out above the rest. My mom had chemotherapy for breast cancer, and when she lost all of her eyelashes, she used this on her fake ones! And when all of her lashes started growing back, she used this and you couldn't even tell she'd lost a single eyelash!

Quick & Convenient, but....

Pros: I love these for when I don't have time to do my nails. They're easy to apply, they come with plenty of size options, and there's no drying time. They have adorable patterns that I love, and I always get compliments on them.

Cons: I just found out about 5 minutes ago (hence the reason for this review) that these do NOT come off with regular nail polish remover like the instruction sheet says. I am currently in the process of chipping them off, which is ruining the top layer of my nails. I've used several shades of Salon Effects before, but this is the first time I actually tried to remove them (before they chipped off completely, I know, I'm a little lazy in keeping up my nails sometimes, lol) because I want to paint my nails a different color......and behold, nail polish remover will not even make them budge. I didn't even use a top coat or anything when I applied them, either.

So, overall, these are an awesome idea, but now my nails are ruined and I'm gonna have to think twice about buying another set.