Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel


Normah M.

The gel did soothe my spots but it did not clear my scars. I dislike the smell but it was okay to use it before going to sleep .

Sara T.
Gets the job done.. once in a while.

This product is helpful if you have an oily blemish coming in. It dries up the area to prevent the breakout from worsening. I'll dab some on at night before I got to sleep. It sometimes works for me, but I would never rely on it solely for spot treatments. I will always recommend talking to your doctor or dermatologist and getting a prescription product rather than buying something over the counter. Products like this just aren't strong enough to get the job done for more-than-mild acne.

peppy g.
Effective spot treatment...

Although it stings like a [bleeeeeep]. Also, it's nice now it's transparent. It's nice to 'seal' spots before applying makeup (just to keep that part of your face 'sterile'). It's harsh, but I don't mind it being harsh because it's spot treatment (unlike the moisturizer/toner from the same range, which really dries your skin).

Nicole K.

I finally found the solution to my acne problem. Cleared my skin within the first few days. This is part of my everyday skin care routine. Wash, Toner, Lotion 3 Easy steps!

Madi A.

I received a mini trial version of this with one of my Sephora orders and I use it when I have a lot of trouble spots. Seems to work but I need to put on a lot or use it many times to see a huge difference. Would recommend trying it on your skin before buying full size but is a nice quick spot healer !

Brooke C.
loved it!

I bought the mini trial set and honestly this is the best skin I have ever had!! I would recommend this to anyone. I even got my dad to buy it we have the same acne, he is 38 and I'm 21 and I have cystic ance. it has cleared my face up like no other!

Lyssa G.

I love this product! I've used it since my deployment to Iraq in 2009. I have bad zits that pop up every month and this products prevents them from getting ugly. If I didn't use this product is end up with dark spots where the zits use to be.

Maria  B.
Definitely Worth It

I bought this when my acne was just out of control and everywhere on my face. In about two weeks most of my pimples were gone and my skin was looking clearer than ever.

Zakiya S.

I love this stuff and my clients do too. I gave this to a bride about a few weeks before her big day and oh she love the stuff. It cleared up her break-outs and relieved the redness. I love it also for myself. Hey you never know when you need it. It takes about 2 days or 3 day (depending on the breakout) and poof it's gone. Now this has 1% Salicylic Acid so it's strong you would just need to use it on the breakout and not too much on the skin. I can dry you out.

(For drier skin or if you want to use it over an area, Use it's cousin, Clinique Acne Solutions Emergency Gel-Lotion. This one has 1% Benzoyl Peroxide So it's gentler for skin.)

I wish I knew about this in high school. Well now I can tell high schoolers about it. It's a must!

Pavan V.

I use this on any spot that comes up and it works wonders on it, I think the longest a spot as stayed is two, I put a small amount in the morning and then some before bed and I wake up and its gonna. A must buy in my eyes.

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